How to Record iPhone Screen on Windows and Mac

You may need to record the screen of your iPhone in a variety of circumstances. It can be to showcase a gaming video on YouTube, or it might be to simply do a little tutorial for a friend who is unfamiliar with iOS and wants assistance using their iPhone. In any case, the only option left is to utilise your Mac or Windows PC to record the iPhone screen as Apple doesn’t let screen recording apps on the App Store and not everyone wants to jailbreak their iPhone.

This post will explain how to record the screen of your iPhone on a desktop or laptop computer, whether it is a Mac or a PC. There are other potential solutions, but I’ll focus on the ones that performed the best throughout my testing.

Record iPhone Screen on a Mac: The Apple Way

Since the release of OS X Yosemite, Apple has significantly improved the ease with which an iPhone’s screen can be recorded on a Mac. It only takes a few simple steps to capture the iPhone screen on a Mac:

  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac with the lightning cable, and launch QuickTime on your Mac. Once done, go to File -> New Movie Recording.
  • Click on the arrow next to the record button and select your iPhone from the list of sources mentioned under Camera .
  • You will now see your iPhone screen mirrored on your Mac. Click on the record button and your Mac will start recording your iPhone s screen.

Record iPhone Screen on Windows and Mac Wirelessly

Although it requires a connected connection, recording an iPhone’s screen using QuickTime is relatively simple, the app does not support recording on Windows. Additionally, you might not always have a lightning cord on hand. Third-party apps can help you in these situations.

With the free Lonely Screen programme, which is available for both Windows and Mac, you may wirelessly mirror and record the screen of your iPhone on a Mac or Windows computer. So, here’s how to wirelessly record the iPhone screen on Windows or Mac using Lonely Screen:

  • Download and install Lonely Screen on your computer. Once done, launch Lonely Screen.
  • On your iPhone, pull up the Control Center, and tap on AirPlay Mirroring . Select Lonely Screen from the list of options.
  • Your iPhone s screen will now be mirrored on your computer. When you are ready to start recording, simply click on the small arrow on the bottom right of the screen, to expand the bottom menu. Then, click on the record button to start recording your iPhone s screen. Stop the video when you re done, and Lonely Screen automatically saves it to the Movies folder (on Mac) and Videos folder (on Windows).

Note:During my testing, Lonely Screen did not function on Windows 7, however it did function pretty well on Windows 10.

If you’re searching for a more feature-rich programme (that also runs on Windows 7), you might want to take a look at AirServer, which has AirPlay capability along with many additional settings not found in Lonely Screen.

AirServer: Get more control over your iPhone screen recording

You may mirror the screen of your iPhone on your computer with AirServer, which turns your Windows or Mac computer into an AirPlay receiver. When compared to Lonely Screen, which offers the absolute minimum capability, AirServer is feature-rich and has a tonne of high-end settings. It operates wirelessly. Users of AirServer can change the mirroring quality based on resolution (1080p, 720p, etc.) and connected device (ranging from iPhone 4s to iPhone 6s Plus). Additionally, it includes the option of configuring a password, preventing unauthorised devices from connecting to AirServer.

Although the programme costs money, it does include a seven-day free trial, and in my experience, it performed wonderfully. If you truly need to wirelessly mirror your iPhone to your Windows (or Mac) computer, you should definitely make the investment even if the price, at $14.99, is somewhat high. Google Cast and Miracast are also supported by the application.

Although AirServer offers built-in recording features, you must purchase an AirServer licence in order to use them since the trial version of the software disables them. However, you may always capture the AirServer screen using QuickTime on a Mac or a third-party screen recording programme on Windows.

There are numerous additional programmes that enable users to display the displays of their iPhones on their computers, but not all of them include built-in recording capabilities. Although it costs a somewhat hefty $14.99, AirServer is incredibly dependable and performs effectively.


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Record Your iPhone Screen on Your Mac or PC

You may now effortlessly record the screen of your iPhone on your Mac or Windows computer while having the option of using wires or going wireless. So feel free to upload that video of your Clash of Clans spectacular attack or to assist a friend who is new to iOS and is having trouble navigating.

As always, let us know about your experiences recording your iPhone’s screen, any difficulties you had, and any additional techniques to record an iPhone screen on a Mac or PC that we missed in the comments below.