How to Record the Screen on Fire TV Stick

The availability of useful features on Amazon’s Fire TV is one of the reasons why many prefer it to Android TV when using a Fire TV Stick. For instance, recording the screen on Android TV requires a number of hacks. You can check out our in-depth tutorial on how to record the screen on Android TVs by clicking here. Having said that, screen recording on Fire TV Stick is accessible by simply installing an app. It simply works out of the box and is smooth. So, follow these instructions if you wish to capture the Fire TV Stick’s screen.

Record the Screen on Fire TV Stick (2021)

First, say “Screen Recorder” while holding down the Alexa button on the remote. You will now be taken directly to the app page. To instal the app, open it.

2. After that, open it. From here, you can either click Start Recorder or select the resolution for the screen capture. It records at FHD resolution by default.

3. Your Fire TV Stick screen will display a prompt. Select “Start Now”

4. At this point, feel free to navigate around the UI since the screen will be being recorded in the background.

Remember that DRM-protected video from applications like Netflix and Prime Video cannot be recorded.

5. Click Stop Recorder in the Screen Recorder app once you have finished recording. Your Fire TV Stick’s screen has been successfully captured on tape.

6. You must now instal the Send Files to TV (SFTTV) app on your smartphone or computer in order to transfer the recorded movie there. Ask Alexa to instal the Send Files to TV App on your Fire TV Stick.

7. In a similar vein, download the Send Files to TV app to your computer or smartphone (Free, offers in-app purchases). The app is accessible on Windows, macOS, and Android. Keep the app open on your device after installation.

Note:Both of your devices must be linked to the same WiFi network in order for the transfer to function.

8. Next, open the SFTTV app on your Fire TV Stick and select Send.

Find the recorded video here; it should be in the root directory of your internal storage. You can watch the recorded video by scrolling all the way to the bottom. The audio recordings begin with sr. Click on it now.

10. Select the device you wish to transfer the video to on the following page, and then click “Next.” The video will be downloaded to your device in a matter of seconds.

Screen Recording on Fire TV Stick: The Easiest Way

11. At this point, start watching the Fire TV Stick’s recorded video on your computer or smartphone.

So that’s how easily you can record the screen on a Fire TV Stick. All you have to do is instal the programme, record your screen, and then transmit the video. The screen recording has so far produced fairly decent quality, and while it was running in the background, it didn’t cause my Fire TV to stutter.