How to Recover Deleted Playlists on Spotify

It can take a lot of effort to curate a playlist and select an unique playlist image on Spotify. Over the years, I have devoted many hours to collecting music from various genres, performers, and mood playlists. But have you ever unintentionally or furiously erased any of your favourite playlists? Do you wish those playlists could be resurrected? There is good news for you, though. If Spotify is your preferred music streaming platform, this article will show you how to restore deleted playlists.

Recover Deleted Playlists on Spotify (2021)

It’s important to note that only playlists that you removed within the last 90 days can be recovered before we get started. As a result, after three months, you cannot restore a deleted playlist. Now that that is out of the way, let’s talk about recovering Spotify playlists.

Recover Deleted Spotify Playlists on Desktop (Windows and Mac)

1. Launch the desktop version of Spotify and click your username in the top right corner. Choose Account from the dropdown menu that displays. Your browser will now open to the Account Settings page. As an alternative, you can use this link to go directly to Spotify’s playlist recovery page.

If you used the direct link, sign in to your Spotify account using your login information. Go to the Recover playlists section from the left sidebar after logging in.

3. Following that, you will get a list of the playlists you have removed during the last ninety days. In order to make it simple for you to locate the playlist you want to restore, Spotify will provide the title, the complete song count, and the deletion date. Choose the Restore button next to the Spotify playlist you want to restore.

That’s it. On Spotify’s desktop client or web player, the restored playlist may now be found at the bottom of the playlists section. In order to quickly access a restored playlist, you can obviously click and drag it to the top.

Recover Deleted Spotify Playlists Using Mobile App (Android and iOS)

However, Spotify’s mobile app doesn’t provide a mechanism to retrieve deleted playlists. Instead, you will need to use a web browser to sign in to your Spotify account. Here’s how to restore Spotify playlists on Android or iOS using the same techniques as on a desktop computer.

1. Log into your account and go to Spotify’s playlist recovery page by clicking this link. All of your playlists that have been deleted in the last three months will be visible after logging in. To restore a playlist, choose it here and touch the Restore button.

2. You may then access your restored playlist by launching the Spotify app. Go to the Playlist tab under Library to make finding the playlist easier. To put the repaired playlist at the top, you may alternatively order playlists by Most recently added. Moreover, long-press the playlist and select the Pin playlist option if you want it to remain at the top.

Restore Deleted Spotify Playlists in Easy Steps

So there you have it—a simple method for recovering a deleted Spotify playlist. While the 90-day restriction may frustrate some users, you have three months to change your mind and restore your playlist. Visit our article on the finest Spotify tips and techniques for more advice of this nature. Check out the finest Spotify alternatives in the article linked above if you don’t like Spotify and want to switch.