How to Recover Lost Roblox Password

You must be aware of how many people use the popular game-making and playing platform Roblox if you have even heard of it. Those who have already mastered the art of creating a Roblox account must be enjoying themselves. But if you’re a user who’s misplaced your Roblox login information, you must be really concerned about your account. Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your Roblox password; I have a solution for you. So continue reading as I demonstrate how to retrieve your forgotten Roblox password.

Roblox Login: Recover Lost Password

We’ll try to figure out how to recover your Roblox account password and grant you access to your account, whether you’ve forgotten your password or username, your account was hacked, or both. We’ll also go over some advice you should heed to keep from ever forgetting your Roblox password.

You can always use the table of contents below to find your way around this article.

Things to Check Before We Proceed

Even if you undoubtedly want to find your forgotten password, there are a few things you need make sure you have before we start. Please bear in mind these two crucial points.

1. Recovery E-Mail/Phone Number

Your backup plan for most accounts in the event that you forget your login credentials is contact information, such as a recovery email or phone number. If you followed our instructions for logging into Roblox, you should be familiar with how to build a recovery method. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to recover your Roblox forgotten password the usual way if you didn’t take the effort to add one. But don’t worry, I’ll also teach you below how to get in touch with Roblox support if you need further assistance.

2. Access to E-Mail Account

Our job just became a lot easier if you, happily, added a recovery email or phone number to your Roblox account. Make sure you can access the email address or phone number in question, though, so we can log in and retrieve your forgotten Roblox password.

3. (Optional) Google Authenticator

Even if you don’t need this authenticator to recover your forgotten Roblox password, I’ll show you below how to enable two-step verification. Make sure to download and instal the Google Authenticator (Android|iOS) and keep it on hand if you decide to do so after retrieving your password.

How to Recover Lost Roblox Password Using E-Mail/Phone Number

Here’s what to do if you’ve added an email or a phone number to Roblox in order to reset your password.

To get started, go to the Roblox Recover Password portal (website).

2. To make sure you’re retrieving the correct credentials, click the Password tab.

3. Fill in the blank text field below with your email address and click “Submit.” If you added a phone number, enter it again by clicking the prompt below. A confirmation box confirming the mail’s sending will subsequently appear.

Note:If you’re using a phone number, make sure to choose your country from the drop-down selection. Roblox must transmit the six-digit security number with the correct country prefix, thus it is crucial that they do this.

4. Check your email account to see if there is a message from Roblox. In my case, it arrived quickly and will resemble the image below. You should check your messages for a six-digit code if you submitted a phone number. To access the necessary page, click the Reset Password option.

Check your spam folder if you haven’t yet gotten an email from Roblox.

5. You need make a new password. Be careful to come up with a powerful one. To create a secure combination, utilise a password generator. This time, be careful to write it down. Press the “Submit” button when finished.

You will now be taken directly to the Roblox home page where you can view your profile. You’ve successfully changed your forgotten Roblox password, congrats! With the new password you created, you can now access the Roblox login page.

Contact Roblox Support

You must be stuck at the verification stage if you did not add a recovery email or phone number to your account. There is a solution around that as well, so don’t worry. To get assistance with this, we must speak with Roblox support. For that, adhere to the procedures below.

To get started, go to the official Roblox Support page on the internet. A form will now appear in your line of sight. Let’s start filling this out.

2. You can omit your Roblox username or even your name, but the support system will need your email address to contact you.

3. Select the appropriate platform by clicking under Issue Details. You can select any to recover a lost password. I’ll go with PC.

4. Select Account Hacked or Can’t Log In from the support category. Now a subcategory will appear.

5. Select the forgot password link under the subcategory. Even better, describe your issue in more detail using the description box.

6. To send the support request, click the Submit button.

That’s all, then! Roblox support will get in touch with you via the email address you provided in the form now that your ticket has been confirmed. All you have to do now is wait because Roblox support typically responds to users within 24 to 48 hours. You ought to be able to get access and retrieve your forgotten Roblox password quickly enough as long as you provide the right information.

Turn on Two Step Verification

It’s time to strengthen your account’s security measures now that you have found your forgotten Roblox password. Roblox supports two-step verification, so when you enter your password, you’ll also need to enter a code using an authenticator that is compatible. This code is only visible to you and is constantly changing. To learn how to activate it, adhere to the procedures listed below:

1. Go to your Roblox page and pick Settings after clicking the Settings cog.

2. To access two factor, select the Security tab from the Settings menu that displays.

3. To continue, select the checkbox next to the Authenticator app choice.

4. At this point, you must enter your password. Press the Continue button after doing so. Now a pop-up box will appear.

5. Click the Plus button on the authenticator app after it has opened. Next, you can select between Scan the QR code and Setup Key. I’m going to go with the QR Code.

6. Align the code with the barcode shown, and the authenticator will be instantly recognised.

7. Search for the Roblox Code in your authenticator, then type it into the PC’s empty text field. To finish the procedure, click the verify button.

8. Your recovery codes will now be visible. In the event that you lose access to the authenticator, you must utilise these codes. Since this is the only time you will see these codes, save them somewhere. Once finished, check the box and press Close.

You’re done, all of you! You can utilise your authenticator knowing you have an additional layer of security the next time you connect into your Roblox account.

General Account Safety Tips and Tricks

The following advice will help you avoid losing your lost Roblox password again now that you have it back.

1. Create a Strong Password

Actually, all of the other accounts as well as your Roblox account are affected by this. Always make sure to create a strong password that cannot be cracked quickly, regardless of where your account is located. A decent rule of thumb is to mix letters, numbers, and symbols in your password. Stronger security is thus ensured. Once you’ve made one, make sure to memorise it so you won’t forget it. A password manager can be used to store your passwords safely.

2. Avoid Sharing Your Roblox Account with Others

Don’t give out your Roblox login information to anyone unless you are very certain that you can trust them. This makes sure that only you have control over your account. In addition, if you do share your password, be careful to change it right away to prevent unauthorised access in the future.

3. Always Keep 2FA On

If you followed the instructions in our section on two-factor authentication above, make sure to keep it turned on at all times. Additionally, keep in mind that the backup authentication codes are all single use and should not be shared with anybody.

Recover Your Lost Roblox Login Password with Ease

So that’s how you may effortlessly login to Roblox once more and retrieve your forgotten password. Hopefully, you were able to reset your password easily using the recovery email or phone number. However, if you had to talk with Roblox support to get your account back, make sure you add recovery contact information to protect you from such issues in the future. In the meantime, try out some of the finest spooky Roblox games now that you have access to your account again. Also, if you face any issues while resetting your Roblox login details, let us know in the comments.