How to Remove Bloatware From Your Android Phone (Guide)

Bloatware issues on Android have not changed, despite a significant outcry from the Android community that cited user choice, privacy, and security. Yes, MIUI currently has less bloatware, but when you consider the whole picture, Android smartphones—especially the low-end ones—continue to have a plethora of pointless apps. So, we have developed this practical tutorial to assist you in getting rid of bloatware from your Android device and freeing up essential resources. It enables smooth removal of bloatware and pointless applications. The Universal Android Debloater programme removes unnecessary apps from your Android smartphone safely, regardless of the device—whether it’s a Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, or another model. On that topic, let’s go forward and discover how this tool functions.

Remove Bloatware From Your Phone With Universal Android Debloater (2022)

1. To begin, click here to get the Universal Android Debloater (UAD). Download the Windows EXE file by clicking Assets. Please download the.tar.gz file if you are using macOS.

2. The next step is to set up ADB on your computer. To instal ADB now, follow the tutorial in our linked article.

3. Next, launch a Terminal window (CMD for Windows and Terminal for macOS). Enter the command “adb devices” here. You can proceed if it returns a serial number.

4. Next, transfer the downloaded UAD file to the platform-tools folder.

5. When you open the Universal Android Debloater, your Android smartphone will be immediately detected.

6. After your device has been identified, check that Recommended is chosen in the top drop-down option. The list of bloatware that can be securely removed is pulled by Universal Android Debloater based on the ROM of your device. All of the major smartphone manufacturers’ removable bloatware lists have been compiled by UAD. I’ll advise general users to stick to the Recommended list.

7. Next, choose the packages you want to uninstall, then click the Uninstall selection button in the bottom right corner. Having said that, I advise you to think critically and use your own judgement before removing a software.

8. Using Universal Android Debloater, you can use this method to securely remove bloatware from your Android phone. If you want to restore a certain package, you can do so by selecting Uninstalled or Disabled from the drop-down box. Click Restore Selection to continue.

9. The search box also allows you to look for certain apps. Install Package Name Viewer 2.0 (free; in-app purchases available) from the Play Store on your Android phone and look up the package name if the programme isn’t appearing in the debloater. Now look up the package name and immediately eliminate the bloatware.

10. Finally, select your carrier from the third drop-down menu and uninstall any bloatware that is carrier-specific on Android. The same procedure may be used to get rid of AOSP apps, OEM bloatware, Google software, etc.

Uninstall Bloatware From Your Android Smartphone Without Root

So here is how, without needing root, you can entirely remove bloatware from your Android handset. There are several debloater programmes available, but because Universal Android Debloater is properly documented and has examined the removable apps for the most popular devices, we recommend it. That’s all we have to say, though. We have a helpful tutorial available for you if Fastboot is not identifying your Android device on Windows 10 or 11. And go through our handpicked list to find the finest custom ROMs for Android. Finally, let us know in the comments section below if you have any queries.