How to Remove Memoji Stickers from Keyboard on iPhone and iPad

Memoji Stickers are ideal for a lively discussion. They have (kind of) evolved into one of my top choices for keeping the talk upbeat thanks to their assortment of humorous graphics. However, some users may find them a little too intrusive in the QuickType keyboard’s frequently used emoji selector section. Apple should have put it in a different spot since it would have been better. However, the business has provided a method to take Memoji Stickers out of the keyboard on the iPhone and iPad. So, based on your preference, you can either keep them hidden or allow them to appear as usual in the default keyboard. Your decision is yours.

Completely Remove Memoji Stickers from Keyboard on iOS 13 and iPadOS 13

The setting for hiding the Memoji stickers is a little bit hidden. But before beginning the steps, keep in mind that it is only possible with iOS 13.3 or later (as of now it s in beta). Make sure the software on your device is up to date. After that, allow me to lead you through.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Next, select Keyboard under General.

3. Deactivate the switch for Memoji Stickers under the Emoji section.

The end! Restart the Settings app now. The modification will take effect right away. Bring up the default keyboard in any programme, like as Messages, to check something out. There won’t be any Memoji stickers left. You can unhide the stickers if you ever wish to have them back because it’s an opt-in function. To accomplish this, simply follow the same procedure as before, then flip on the switch at the very end.

Hide Memoji Stickers from Keyboard Without Going into Settings

What if you don’t want to remove the Memoji stickers entirely from the stock keyboard? You can hide them without totally disabling them, though, thanks to a clever hack. Simply tap on the smiley icon to open the emoji keyboard. Once the Memoji stickers are hidden, swipe left. Next, force the app to close. Open the emoji keyboard now. Check out, to uncover the Memoji Stickers, swipe left from where they are hidden.

Disable Memoji Stickers in Message s App Settings

For those who want to delete the amusing characters from their favourites, use this approach. Simply swipe right on the iMessage app drawer and select More () > Edit if you’re one of the people who finds these characters repulsive. Now click Remove from Favorites on the third icon to the left of Memoji Stickers. Be sure to touch Done to finish at the end.

I adore how Apple continues to give iMessage users more power. Users can share their image and name when sending messages to others thanks to iOS 13’s extremely helpful text editing gestures. Additionally, there is a way to turn off Memoji stickers with iOS 13.3. All of these options give iPhone users complete control over iMessage, which is fantastic.

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Keep Memoji Stickers Away from Your Keyboard

Therefore, that is how you can prevent Memoji stickers from getting on your emoji keyboard. Memoji stickers are the kind of feature that makes messaging enthusiasts happy because they enjoy using cool stickers. However, stickers may not be exciting to those who use them infrequently. That’s presumably the main reason Apple gave for providing a setting to turn it off.