How to Remove Microphone Icon from Keyboard on iPhone and iPad

When it’s not convenient for you to type with your fingers, the dependable Dictation feature saves the day. Simply press the tiny microphone button to speak your instructions! But what if you hardly ever use Dictation and find that when you type on the QuickType keyboard, your fingers frequently activate it by accident? Not to worry, there is an easy solution to get rid of the microphone icon on the iPhone and iPad’s keyboard.

Hide Microphone Icon from Keyboard on iPhone/iPad

Even while I enjoy utilising dictation, I prefer to turn it off when I’m not using it. While using the Slide to Type function, the fingers appear to have a little more room to move when the mic is concealed. In any case, it’s helpful to have the flexibility to show or hide the microphone on the iOS keyboard. Let me demonstrate how it operates.

1. Open the Settings application on your iPad or iPhone.

2. Next, select General.

3. Then, select onKeyboard.

4. Next, locate the option to “Enable Dictation” and deactivate it.

5. Following that, a confirmation menu with text that sounds somewhat like,

Unless Siri is likewise off, the data that Dictation uses to react to your requests is also used by Siri and is stored on Apple servers.

To stop dictation, click Turn Off Dictation.

  • Just in case you want your requests to be removed from Apple servers as well, make sure to turn off Siri.
  • Simply head over to Settings -> Siri & Search. After that, turn off the toggles for both Listen for Hey Siri and Press Side for Siri to disable personal assistant on your device.


That’s basically it! The modification will take effect right away. Bring up the Apple QuickType keyboard in any app, such as Messages or Notes, to see if the microphone is still present.

  • In most cases, the microphone icon disappears as soon as you disable Dictation. However, in some rare cases, it might remain there even after you have turned off Dictation on your iOS device. If it s the situation, restart your device.


Remove Microphone Icon from Keyboard on iOS

All you have to do is return to the keyboard settings, turn on the Enable Dictation switch at the bottom, and the microphone symbol will appear once more on the Apple QuickType keyboard.

So that’s how you properly remove the microphone symbol from the iPhone/iPad keypad. Remember this clever tip for when you don’t require the dictation option or discover that it interferes with your ability to type quickly.