How to Remove Profile Photo from Google Account

Most people have a Google account, and if you’re reading this, you probably do too. Although changing your Google account’s profile picture is simple, getting rid of it is more difficult. We’ll go over the procedures in this article for getting rid of your Google account’s display picture.

Remove Profile Photo from Google Account

Both on the web and on mobile devices, you can delete your Google account’s profile image. Read through to the very end to make sure you don’t miss the steps we’ve added to permanently delete your photo. Let’s get started with the steps without further ado.

Remove Display Picture from Google Account on Web

1. Go to the Personal Info area from the left side menu at

2. From here, scroll down until you reach a section that says “Choose what others see.” Click on the Go to About Me button located immediately below this.

3. Your basic information is displayed on your about me page. Alternately, you can click on this link to get straight to the About me page, skipping the first two steps in the process. To continue, select the section for your profile image.

4. A Remove button to delete your Google account’s profile image will eventually appear. Please keep in mind that your profile image is displayed on all Google services, so removing it from this location will also remove it from all Google services where it was previously displayed.

Remove Profile Picture from Google Account on Mobile

Make sure your Google Contacts app is running version 3.38 or higher before beginning the process. Update the Contacts app from the Google Play Store if it is on your phone.

  1. Open Google Contacts app and tap on the avatar in the top-right corner.

2. Your phone will now display a list of your Google accounts.

Find the account whose profile photo you wish to delete, then tap on the preview of that account’s profile picture.

3. Tap the Remove button on the page that just appeared. The end of that. With these three actions, you can quickly delete the picture from your Google account.

Permanently Delete Google Profile Photo

Note: Using the Google Contacts app is the simplest way to delete a profile image from a Google account. You can access the About me area of your Google Account by going to Settings -> Google -> Manage your Google Account, but you can’t get rid of your existing profile image. If you don’t use Google Contacts, you can use your smartphone and one of your preferred online browsers to complete the steps listed above for desktop.

You don’t instantly lose your image from Google when you remove a profile photo. All of your previous profile photographs are available on Album Archive. To remove the picture from Album Archive, follow these instructions:

1. Launch Google’s Album Archive and select the folder for Profile Photos.

2. Select the vertical three-dot menu in the top-right corner of one of your former profile photographs, then select Delete photo.

Delete Google Profile Photo in Easy Steps

If you desire a copy of your previous profile photo, you can download it from this page.