How to Remove the Crown Icon on Discord

If you use Discord, you may have seen a crown icon next to a particular server member. In fact, if you started a new Discord server, you might already have one. Discord doesn’t explicitly allow you to remove the crown icon, but there is a clever workaround you can use to do so. Continue reading to learn how to delete the crown icon from Discord.

Remove the Crown on Discord (2022)

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What Does the Crown Icon Mean on Discord?

The Discord server owner is shown by the Crown icon. According to Discord, the crown emblem was included so that new users could quickly identify who to contact if they needed assistance. But not everyone desires a crown emblem to appear next to their username. If you belong to this group, use the instructions below to remove the crown icon from Discord.

Remove the Crown Icon On Discord (Desktop and Website)

1. Open Discord and click on the server’s name in the top-left corner. Select Server Settings from the list that appears in the dropdown menu now.

2. From the left sidebar, select the Roles tab and click Create Role to add a new role.

3. The role should now be given a name. As an illustration, I have given the position here the name “admin” because it will have administrative rights.

4. Continue to the bottom of the page and turn on the toggle for Display role members separately from online members. Enabling this toggle will, as the name implies, emphasise users who have this role in a different portion of the server’s side menu.

5. Click the Administrator toggle under the Permissions tab. Don’t grant this role to everyone; keep in mind that it will grant users administrative rights.

6. During our testing, we found that removing the crown emblem on Discord doesn’t need you to self-assign the role. Here’s how to assign the role to yourself, though, if creating it didn’t work. From the right side menu, select your username. Next, select the Plus icon next to No Roles.

7. A list of all open roles will now appear. You can now select the role you just created, admin. On Discord, the crown emblem will no longer appear next to your username.

Remove the Crown on Discord Mobile App (Android and iOS)

1. Click the three dots menu next to the server name in the Discord client after opening the server. Select Settings from the pop-up menu to access the settings for your server.

2. Tap on Roles under User Management options, then click the + floating action icon to add a new role.

3. Give the role a name and turn on the toggle that says “Display role members separately from online members.” When finished, click the Save icon to make the changes.

4. To grant users with the role administrative powers, scroll down and turn on the Administrator toggle under the Advanced Permissions settings.

5. At this point, you can self-assign the role in Discord to get rid of the crown next to your name. To accomplish that, select Manage User by tapping on your name in the side menu.

6. The role you just created will now be visible. Once you enable it, you’re done. Your Discord profile should now no longer display the crown icon. Close the Discord app and reopen it if the update is not visible right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take off the owner crown on Discord?

By creating a new position, it is possible to lose the title of Discord owner. In this article, we have outlined the procedures.

How is the crown removed in Discord for mobile?

To remove the crown from your phone in the Discord server, you can create a new role with administrator rights.

Why doesn’t the Discord crown display?

After switching on the Display role members separately from online members toggle, you could not be seeing the Discord crown. If you want the Discord crown back, try disabling it.

Get Rid of the Server Owner Crown Icon on Discord

So, that’s how you can delete the crown icon that Discord places next to your username. Don’t forget to look into how to get an invisible Discord name and avatar if you’re feeling daring. Additionally, you might edit your Discord profile to make it more unique.