How to Remove the Language Switcher from Windows 11 Taskbar

I truly enjoy most of the visual improvements in Windows 11’s new design language. But for me, the cumbersome language changer on the Windows 11 Taskbar undermines the entire minimalist aesthetic. Because of this, I like to hide the Taskbar in Windows 11 or use the TaskbarXI programme to get a Dock like in Mac OS X. Follow our instruction below if you want to easily remove the language switcher from the Taskbar on Windows 11 and are irritated by this small UI change.

Remove Language Switcher from Windows 11 Taskbar (2022)

You must adhere to a few straightforward actions in order to remove the language switcher option from the Taskbar in Windows 11. In the event that the first approach is unsuccessful, we have listed other methods below. Here’s how you approach it.

Ensure You Have Just One Primary Language

1. First, confirm that your Windows 11 PC has only one language added. To launch Settings on Windows 11, press the Windows + Ikeyboard shortcut. Go to Time, language, openLanguage, and region from here.

2. Verify that just your native language is offered here. Remove the extra language by selecting it from the 3-dot menu if you have more than one. This will make the Taskbar’s language selector in Windows 11 inoperable.

Change Typing and Language Bar Settings

1. Go back to the Time and language menu and select openTyping if the procedure described above is unsuccessful.

Click Advanced keyboard settings after that.

3. Next, switch on the use the desktop language bar when available tick. On Windows 11, this will remove the language selector from the Taskbar, but to turn off the floating language bar, you must make one more setting modification.

4. You will discover Language bar options immediately below. To open the small window, click on it. Select Hidden here, then press OK. Finally, Windows 11 will remove the language selector from the Taskbar.

Get Rid of the Language Option in Windows 11 Taskbar

So, this is how you can disable the Windows 11 Taskbar’s language selection feature. In most cases, sticking with just one language resolves the problem, but if that doesn’t work, the desktop language bar will undoubtedly eliminate the obnoxious language option from the Taskbar. Anyway, it concludes this instruction pretty much. Additionally, visit our linked tutorial if you want to personalise the Taskbar in Windows 11. In addition, you may modify the format of the lock screen clock in Windows 11 and make sure that the Taskbar icons never overlap. Finally, let us know in the comments section below if you have any queries.