How to Revert Chrome OS to an Older Version on a Chromebook

Whether you use Linux on your Chromebook or attempt to run Windows software on Chromebooks, Chrome OS generally offers a bug-free and flawless experience. Even though I’ve played Steam games on my Chromebook and enabled Chrome OS’s developer mode to sideload programmes, there haven’t been any issues up until recently. My Wi-Fi, on the other hand, has completely stopped working since the most recent upgrade. I am left with no choice except to downgrade Chrome OS on my Chromebook to an earlier version in this situation. If you are experiencing a similar problem, you can downgrade Chrome OS to a previous build by following our instructions.

Revert Chrome OS to an Older Version on a Chromebook (2022)

1. To begin, select the cogwheel icon in the Quick Settings menu to access Settings.

2. Next, enter “powerwash” in the search box at the top of the Settings page. Open Powerwash by clicking on the search result.

3. After arriving here, select Reset. Make a backup of your crucial files because doing so will fully factory reset your Chromebook.

4. After that, select Restart, and your Chromebook will immediately reboot.

5. After the restart, wait a while, and the login screen will display a Powerwash popup. For a Chromebook reset, click Powerwash.

6. Your Chromebook will reboot once more after this procedure, which takes a while. This time, the Welcome screen will appear. Don’t use your Google account at this point because we haven’t yet completed the rollback phase.

7. A new Powerwash prompt will show while you are still on the Welcome page if you press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Rand. Again, don’t reset your smartphone because that will defeat the objective of the downgrading. Change to the subsequent step instead.

8. To access the Powerwash and Revert option, press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R once more on the Powerwash screen. You can use it to restore an earlier version of Chrome OS on your Chromebook. Press the Powerwash and Revert buttons.

9. Be patient; the downgrading procedure will take some time. The Welcome screen will then show up, where you can log in using your Google account.

10. When you access Settings, you will see that you have successfully downgraded Chrome OS on your Chromebook to an earlier version. So that’s how Chrome OS may be downgraded to a previous build.

Downgrade Chrome OS to an Older Version on Your Chromebook

So here are the procedures you must do to restore an earlier version of Chrome OS. My HP Chromebook was having Wi-Fi problems, but switching to the most recent release solved the problem for me. Anyway, that pretty much concludes this manual. Follow the comprehensive tutorial provided here to instal Google’s new Chrome OS Flex on your Windows or Mac computer. We also have instructions available if you’re unhappy with the experience and want to uninstall Chrome OS Flex and reinstall Windows on your PC. Finally, let us know in the comments section below if you have any queries.