How to Save Files in TXT Format in TextEdit on Mac

On Macs, TextEdit is the standard text editor, and it’s really decent. In reality, TextEdit will probably work well if all you need from a text editor is to enter out some text, format it a little, and retain it. There is one aspect of TextEdit, nevertheless, that most people find unpleasant. TextEdit won’t let you save a document as a plain text file when you try to save it. The following instructions will show you how to use TextEdit and save your files in the.txt format:

Create Files in TXT Format on Mac: Editing the Preferences

It seems that TextEdit has a kind of secret option that enables us to save our works in plain text format. We must enter TextEdit’s preferences and make the necessary adjustments. What we must do is as follows:

Launch TextEdit and press Command +, or select TextEdit -> Preferences.

2. Go to the “Open and Save” tab. Check the box next to “Add.txt extension to plain text files” and then set the “Saving filesencoding” to UTF-8. These are the two changes that need to be made.

We can save files in the plain text (.txt) format after making these changes in Preferences. Let’s give it a shot.

To start, open TextEdit and select New Document.

2. In this document, type some content. We won’t prepare the text in any way because we want to store a raw text file.

3. At this point, select File > Save or press Command + S.

4. The option will be available in the save dialogue box.

Use.txt if no extension is specified. By default, it will be checked; however, if it isn’t, check it.

5. Click Save after deciding where to save the plain text file.

Your file has now been saved in plain text format (.txt), and you can now create plain text files in TextEdit just like you can in Windows’ Notepad.

Save TextEdit Files in TXT Format

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