How to Save WhatsApp Status Without Taking Screenshots

The Stories feature is available on WhatsApp in the form of WhatsApp Status, just like it is on the majority of the current Facebook-owned applications. Unfortunately, users frequently choose to retain contact statuses locally by taking screenshots of them. Would you believe me if I said there was a lot better way to save WhatsApp statuses? Yes, you are correct. You may even save video statuses in addition to photographs. Therefore, if you frequently use WhatsApp Status and would love to be able to preserve your friends’ status updates, keep reading as we demonstrate how:

Save WhatsApp Status Using Status Saver for WhatsApp

  • Open up the WhatsApp Status page and tap on the contact name who s Status you wish to save. This will allow WhatsApp to load that person s status and save it onto the device.

  • Next up, download Status Saver for WhatsApp (free) on your device. Once done, open it.
  • You will now be greeted with an option to choose from Images or Videos. Depending upon the Status that you just saw, tap on either Images or Videos.
  • And that s it. The status you just saw will now be visible from within the app. Tap on the download button at the bottom to save that status for later viewing.

Save WhatsApp Status Using Any File Manager

As an alternative, you can view these locally saved statuses by using a file manager. To do that, take the following actions:

  • Download Solid Explorer File Manager (free trial) or any other file explorer of your choice.
  • Navigate to /WhatsApp/Media. Now, tap on the 3-dot menu button in the top-right corner.
  • Tap on Folder options and then enable the checkbox next to Show hidden files .
  • You should now see a folder by the name of .Statuses . Open that folder and find the status you want to save. To save it for future viewing, simply copy-paste that file to any other location on your device.

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Save WhatsApp Status Stories With Ease

Recently, WhatsApp Statuses have become very popular. The solutions mentioned above make it simple to keep your contacts’ statuses locally on your smartphone. Remember to save them to a different folder because these files are automatically erased after 12 hours. I personally like to utilise the conventional file explorer way because I don’t like installing a lot of third-party apps. Having said that, I do have to acknowledge that the Status Saver app certainly makes things for the typical user much more convenient. What about you, though? Which approach are you going to take to save WhatsApp Statuses? Tell us in the comments section below.