How to See Your Stats on Spotify

In addition to the well-known Spotify Wrapped year-end retrospective, Spotify allows you to check simple statistics like your top artists and songs of the month. We offer solutions for you if you’re looking for ways to access your Spotify statistics in their entirety. Learn how to view your statistics on the Spotify app and on outside websites by reading on.

Check Your Stats on Spotify (2022)

Check Spotify Stats on PC (Desktop, Web)

1. Launch Spotify on your computer or the website and click on your username in the top-right corner. To access your Spotify profile, click Profile from the dropdown list that displays.

2. Scroll down on the profile page that loads to see the top musicians and songs of the month. There are a total of 50 songs and 10 artists on the list.

3. Hover your mouse over the See All button next to the Top tracks this month headline to see the full list of the top 50 tracks for the month. Now you can listen to the tunes you’ve been glued to for the previous month.

Check Spotify Stats on Mobile (Android, iOS)

The top artists and songs on Spotify are not displayed in the mobile app, in contrast to the desktop version. You may still access your most recently played artists in the app, though. Here’s how you can verify that:

1. Launch the Spotify app on your phone and click the gear symbol in the top-right corner of the screen to access the settings menu. Make sure the Recently played artists toggle in the Social settings is turned on by scrolling down. You must turn on this option in order to view your most recently played artists.

Note:If you don’t want other people to be aware of the musicians you’re listening to, make sure to turn the toggle off once you’ve played them.

2. To display your profile, scroll up and tap on your username after enabling the toggle. The musicians who have recently been played are now displayed in a separate area.

3. Click the See all button to obtain a comprehensive list of the Spotify artists you’ve recently listened to.

Use Spotify Wrapped to Revisit your Top Songs

The company’s annual tradition, Spotify Wrapped, takes a unique look back at your favourite music. Here’s how to check your top Spotify tracks from the previous year if you forgot:

1. To access the playlist containing all of your top songs from the previous year, go to this link and click on Your Top Songs 2021.

2. That concludes it. You can opt to save the playlist with 100 of your favourite songs to your library and listen to it later.

Use to See Your Spotify Stats

1. You may monitor your Spotify statistics on third-party websites like if you’d want more flexibility and in-depth information. Visit the website and click the Sign in with Spotify button to get started.

2. You should now grant access to your Spotify account data so that it can produce the insights.

To keep going, select Agree.

3. will notify you that your profile is complete after a little delay.

To access your Spotify statistics on, click See Your Profile.

4. Your top genres and the music you’re presently listening to are displayed on the main screen. To view more details, scroll down.

5. The list of the best songs is presented first. You may check your top songs from the last four, six, or all time weeks here. You may also create a playlist and save your favourite songs on it. Simply click the Save as Playlist button, and will add the playlist to your collection without further action from you.

Analyze your Spotify Stats with

6. The Analysis section, which draws attention to the overall atmosphere of the songs you listen to, may be found by scrolling down. You can view this analysis for the last four weeks, six months, or all time, just like your top songs.

7. also displays information about your Spotify library’s average popularity, release date, and size.

1. is a different tool for viewing your Spotify statistics (formerly known as Spotistats). You can use the app to view your favourite songs, artists, albums, and more. It is available for iOS and Android (download). Log in using your Spotify account to get going, then grant access to your account.

Use Stats for Spotify to Check your Spotify Stats

2. The most recently played song, the top artists over the previous four weeks, and your playlists are all displayed on the app’s home page. On the home page, scrolling down will show you a list of the Spotify songs you’ve recently listened to.

3. The Top tab, meanwhile, lists the top songs, performers, and albums from the previous four, six, or all-time months. Similar to that, the Stats page showcases your favourite songs from your library and their mood. To view the whole tracks and minutes streamed thus far, you must have a paid membership to the app.

1. Stats for Spotify is another interesting resource.

Try Obscurify to Know How Obscure Your Music Taste Is

To view your favourite tracks, artists, and genres, go to the website and check in using your Spotify account.

2. To access your top tracks, select the Top Tracks icon after logging in. Similar to this, you may check the top artists and genres using the Top Artists and Top Genres buttons, respectively.

3. You may keep the top music as a playlist, just like Scroll down and select the Create playlist option to get started.

1. You can utilise the Obscurify website to find out how obscure your musical preferences are. Visit the Obscurify website and sign in using your Spotify account to achieve this.

2. Scroll down after logging in to view the obscurity rating in relation to the number of Obscurify users in your nation.

Take the How Bad Is Your Spotify Test

3. A graph that compares your musical preferences to those of other Obscruitfy users is also included, along with distinct indicators for music listened to in the last six weeks and all time.

4. The website also displays the mood of the songs you listen to in the areas of acousticness, happiness, danceability, and vitality.

The fact that you receive recommendations based on your music library, though, is the nicest part. If you want to look at the suggestions, you can decide to save it as a playlist.

1. You may recall the popular 2020 How Bad Is Your Spotify test. The AI-generated test criticises your musical preferences in stereotypically snide ways. Visit the website and select Find Out to get started if you’re interested.

Check and Analyze Your Spotify Stats

2. To sign in using your Spotify account, click Log in with Spotify.