How to Send Soundmojis on Facebook Messenger

If you frequently include stickers and GIFs in your conversations with friends and family, you’ll be eager to use the new emoji types added to Facebook Messenger Soundmojis. Emojis with sound are known as Soundmojis, as their name suggests. So you can actually add a drumroll to build tension before telling your family about your promotion. Yes, Facebook Messenger has suddenly made it possible for you to add a soundtrack to actual events. We will go over all there is to know about Soundmojis in this guide. So continue reading to the end to learn how to use the new sound-based emoticons for Messenger.

Guide to Using Soundmojis on Facebook Messenger (2021)

Facebook is always developing cutting-edge new features to improve users’ basic messaging experiences. Be it the merging of Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messages, Messenger Rooms, Secret Chats, or the most recent Soundmoji addition. After that, let’s move on to learning more about Soundmojis in depth.

What are Soundmojis (or Sound Emojis)?

In honour of World Emoji Day this year, Facebook first released Soundmojis in July. Based on the nature of the emoji, these sound-based emoticons may play pertinent sound effects or catchy song quotes. Therefore, Messenger will play the relevant sound and an animated emoji in the chat window when you send a drum emoji to a buddy.

These sound emojis include elements of popular pop songs like Thank You, Next by Ariana Grande and WAP by Cardi B, as well as everyday noises like clapping and drum rolls. Additionally, some of your favourite TV shows and motion pictures, such Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Fast and Furious 9, are featured in the Soundmojis.

For instance, the red stop emoji represents Billie Eilish’s song Stop, what the hell are you talking about, and the chicken bowl emoji acts as WAP where it says Macaroni in a pot. a line from her hit song Therefore I Am.

Emojis and other add-ons, like GIFs, have traditionally been more visual. Facebook has, however, never before included audio in the mix. On iOS and Android versions of Messenger, Soundmojis are available. There are about 23 Soundmojis that can be shared in Messenger chats right now. Facebook may, however, expand the list in the upcoming months.

How to Send Soundmojis on Facebook Messenger

Now that you are aware of what Soundmojis are, let’s look at how to use Facebook Messenger to send one. However, make sure the app has access to your device’s microphone before sharing a Soundmoji on Messenger.

I’ll be using an iPhone X running iOS 15 beta 4 for this video. However, it is important to note that Soundmojis are also accessible on Facebook Messenger for Android. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at how to send Soundmojis:

1. Launch a conversation window in Facebook Messenger (Android, iOS) on your device.

2. Tap the emoji icon in the message box’s right corner.

3. Next, enter the Soundmojis menu in Facebook Messenger by tapping on the loudspeaker symbol to the right. You can send any of the Soundmojis that are currently available in chat by using this page.

4. When you tap a Soundmoji to hear it play in Messenger, you may preview it. Before sending a Soundmoji, you can repeatedly touch on any of them to hear the sound again.

5. Tap on the Send button next to the Soundmoji you want to send to the chat after choosing it. To see how Soundmojis appear in a chat, see the video down below.

In order to more effectively express your emotions, you may now send a Soundmoji to your friends or family on Facebook Messenger. Do bear in mind that in order to hear the corresponding sound, the recipient must touch on the Soundmojis.

Use Facebook Messenger Soundmojis to Convey Your Emotions

That’s basically it. We hope this article was helpful if you were wondering how to send sound emojis to your friends or family on Messenger. The common emoticons we use to communicate online are given a creative twist by soundmojis. Furthermore, given that Facebook also owns WhatsApp and Instagram, there is a good likelihood that Soundmojis may eventually be added to these social media platforms. Do you consider that to be something you are anticipating? Are those emojis? Please share your opinions in the space provided below.