How to Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving Phone Number

You can send WhatsApp messages without saving the recipient’s phone number, as you may not be aware. You did read that correctly. To start a WhatsApp discussion with someone, you don’t always need to save their phone number in your contacts list. Here are four quick methods for sending messages on WhatsApp without adding a contact.

Send WhatsApp Message Without Adding Contact (2022)

In this post, we’ve covered a variety of techniques you can use on Android, iPhone, and PC to send WhatsApp messages without preserving a phone number. To quickly access the process, use the table below.

Use Click2Chat to Message Unsaved WhatsApp Contacts on Android

Using a third-party programme to open the chat window is the simplest approach to text unsaved WhatsApp numbers. While there are several applications that may be used for this, Click2Chat is one that we would suggest. To rapidly send a WhatsApp message using Click2Chat without saving a phone number, follow these steps:

Install Click2Chat by going to the Play Store (Free). Put the phone number in the text field when the app first launches, then type your message in the message box. The text suggestions or even a randomly generated quote are other options. When finished, tap Send to WA.

2. Shortly after you tap the button, the app’s confirmation prompt will appear. If you select WhatsApp, Click2Chat will instantly send the message you typed and the person’s chat box. Remember that your message won’t necessarily be sent here automatically. To start the discussion on WhatsApp, you must click the Send option.

Through WhatsApp’s API, you can message unsaved WhatsApp numbers as well. To get started, copy the following address and replace the X with the phone number in your address bar. The prefilled 91 in this instance refers to the country code. Don’t forget to adjust the country code while sending a WhatsApp message to someone outside of India.

Tap Continue to Chat after pasting the URL and the desired phone number. You can now send a message by clicking the link on the page, which will take you to the person’s WhatsApp chatbox.

Send WhatsApp Messages Without Adding Contact on Desktop

On WhatsApp Web or Desktop, you can start a new discussion by using the API. To get started, adhere to these steps:

1. Copy the following URL and paste the recipient’s phone number in lieu of all the Xs in the address bar of your browser. Remember to modify the prefilled 91 country code if you want to message someone outside of India, as was previously suggested. To open the conversation window, click the Continue to Chatbutton.

2. Click Open to launch the conversation window on WhatsApp Desktop from the confirmation prompt that just appeared. The browser will take you to the desktop application if you have WhatsApp Desktop installed.

3. If you’re not a WhatsApp Desktop user, you can continue using the web version by clicking the utilise WhatsApp Web option.

Use Siri Shortcuts to Send WhatsApp Messages from iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you may also use a handy Siri shortcut to quickly text unsaved WhatsApp numbers. If you don’t already have it, you can download the Shortcuts app from the App Store (free). then take the actions listed below:

1. To download and install the WhatsApp To Non Contact Siri shortcut on your iPhone, go to this page and press Add Shortcut. After that, there’s not much more you need to do because the shortcut will be installed on its own.

3. From the My Shortcuts area of the Shortcut app, tap the shortcut to launch it. You can also use Siri to open the identical pop-up option and enter the recipient’s phone number by saying Run WhatsApp to Non Contact shortcut.

4. After entering the phone number and country code in the shortcut, select Done in the top right corner. Then, a privacy notification will appear and ask you if you want to give the shortcut access to WhatsApp. Select “Allow” next to this notification.

5. To send a message to the unsaved contact, use the Siri shortcut to go to the WhatsApp conversation window. Simple, right?

Easily Send Messages to Unsaved WhatsApp Numbers

These three options cover how to send WhatsApp messages without saving the recipient’s contact information. We hope you found this guide useful if you were looking for a solution to SMS unsaved WhatsApp numbers. Check out our comprehensive collection of the greatest WhatsApp tips and tricks for more advice like this.