How to Set a Reminder on iPhone and iPad

It’s better to maintain control over the things that important to you while you’re dealing with a rather chaotic existence. Otherwise, you risk being left behind, which would be damaging to your production, or encountering unforeseen difficulties. How then can you maintain or rather order a frantic way of life? Without getting too technical, real-time notifications about tasks that need to be completed can help organise the chaos. Thankfully, iOS provides a variety of reminder setting options for the iPhone and iPad, allowing you to keep track of your tasks and do them on time. Let’s get started!

How to Set a Reminder on iPhone and iPad (2022)

The Reminders app, along with Notes and Safari (complete with Safari extensions), is likely the most enhanced stock programme on the iPhone. With features like tagging, Smart List, print, and collaboration, the reminder app is a fantastic tool for remembering essential details.

Create a Reminder on iPhone and iPad

1. Launch the Reminders application on your iPad or iPhone, and then tap the “+ New Reminder” icon.

2. Type the content of your reminder now (i.e pay the bill). To ensure that you don’t overlook anything vital, you can also include a brief message.

3. Then click the calendar icon. You will then have the choice of setting the reminder for today, tomorrow, or the following weekend. To add a reminder for the desired day and time, tap the Date & Time option.

Next, select the preferred date. Then, select the time when you wish to get the alert by turning on the toggle next to Time. Select your preferred reminder frequency after tapping Repeat, then hit Apply.

4. Tap the flag symbol to designate the reminder as important based on your needs.

5. Tap the camera icon to attach a photo or scanned document. Take a new picture, choose an image from your photo library, or scan a document after that. It s worth noting that you also have the option toscan text using Live Text in iOS 15.

6. Next up, tapListand then add the reminder to an existing list.

7. After you have customized your reminder, tapAddat the top right corner of the screen to finish.

Set a Reminder Using Siri on iPhone and iPad

Adding a reminder with Siri is pretty simple. All you need to do is just invoke Siri on your device and then say something like,Remind me to buy chocolates from the grocery store So simple, isn t it?

You can also tell Siri a date and time if you want time-based reminders. Something likeRemind me to buy chocolates tomorrow at 10 amwill do the trick.

Add a Location-Based Task in Reminders on iPhone and iPad

You can add a location-based task in Reminders to get a real-time alert when you visit a place. For example, if you want to get a reminder about buying milk whenever you visit a shop or meet a person when you reach a location, the location-based reminder will alert you about the thing that you have to do. To me, this is a smart way to deal with forgetfulness.

1. Open theReminders appon your iOS/iPadOS device. After that, either create a new reminder or navigate to the existing one. Then, tap on theibutton next to the reminder.

2. Now, turn on the toggle forLocation.

3. Next, tap onCustomand then add the desired location. Once you have customized your reminder, tap on theDetailsbutton and hitDoneat the top right corner of the screen to finish.


  • To receive location-based reminders, make sure to let the Reminders app access your precise location.
  • Head into the Settings app -> Privacy -> Location Services -> turn on Location Services -> Reminders -> While Using the App -> turn on Precise Location.

Set a Message-Based Reminder on iPhone and iPad

To ensure you don t forget to ask your sweetheart to do an important thing or remind your friend to accept your invitation for abattle royale game, you canset a message-based reminder. This way, the moment you start to chat with a person, a timely alert will remind you about the thing that you need to ask.

1. Head over to theReminders appon your iOS or iPadOS device -> create a new reminder or navigate to the existing one ->i buttonnext to the reminder.

2. Now, turn on the toggle forRemind me when messaging.

After that, select thepreferred personfrom your address book. Be sure to hitDoneat the top right to confirm.

Set a Message-Based Reminder with Siri on iPhone and iPad

This reminder will show up the next time you chat with that person in the Apple Messages app.

Organize Reminder Lists with Tags on iPhone and iPad

Setting a message-based reminder with Siri is even easier. Just invoke the personal assistant and then say something like, Hey Siri, remind me to ask Anmol to bring cake when messaging.

WithiOS 15and iPadOS 15, Apple has finally introduced tags to let you perfectly organize your reminders based on keywords. Apart from keeping everything organized, tags also allow you to search and filter your reminders across multiple lists with ease.

1. When setting/editing a reminder, tap theTag buttonin the toolbar.

  • To add a tag to multiple reminders at once, open a list -> three-dot icon at the top-right. After that, tap Select Reminders and choose the reminders you want to tag. Then, tap on the three-dot icon at the bottom right corner of the screen and choose Add Tag.
  • Your tags appear in the tag browser located at the bottom of your lists view. You can tap on the tag buttons to access tagged reminders across your lists.

Create Smart Reminder List on iPhone and iPad

2. Now,enter the tag (i.e #sign). Do note that a tag can only be a single word but you can choose to add hyphens and underscores to create longer tag names. Alternatively, you also have the option toadd a tag directly in the reminder.

If you find it a bit tedious to manage your reminder lists, make the most of theSmart List. What makes it super handy is the ability to let you auto-sort your lists based on tags, due dates, location, priority, and more.

1. Open theReminders appon your device-> go to the list view ->Add List.

Create a Shared Reminder on iPhone and iPad

2. Givea suitable nameto your list and choose thedesired icon. After that, tapMake into Smart List. Finally, choose thetags and filtersfor the Smart List and hitDoneat the top right to finish.

The stock reminder app is also up to the mark when it comes to offering a seamless collaboration experience. Hence, you canshare reminders with your friends/colleaguesand loved ones and plan an upcoming event or project in sync.

1. Open theReminders appon your device -> go tothe listthat you want to share-> three-dot iconat the top right and chooseShare Listin the drop-down menu.

Convert a Note into Reminder on iPhone and iPad

2. Now, tapShare Optionsand then allow/disallow anyone from adding people to this list. After that,select the preferred mediumto share your invitation. Upon accepting your invitation, they will be able to collaborate with you.

Did you know that you can alsoconvert a note into a reminder on your iOS device? Times when you are working on a project, this feature can be very helpful. Guess what, it doesn t require you to use any third-party tool and has existed on iOS for a long time. So, even if your device is running an older version of iOS like 13 and 14, you can take advantage of this notable feature.

1. Launch theNotes appon your iPhone or iPad and then go to the note that you want to convert into a reminder. Now,select the note -> three-dot iconat the top right-> Send a Copy.

Print Your Reminder on iPhone and iPad

2. Next, choose theReminders appin the share sheet. After that,set the priority for your reminder, customize it as per your needs, and hitAddto confirm.

With iOS 14.5 or later, you canprint your reminder. Save this nifty feature for the times when you are going on a tedious shopping spree and want a complete list of groceries.

1. To get going, open theReminders appand head over tothe listthat you wish to print. Then, tap on thethree-dot iconat the top right corner of the screen.

Best Reminder Apps for iPhone and iPad

2. Now, selectPrintin the drop-down menu. After that,select your printandthe number of copiesyou need. Then, hitPrintand you are good to go!

1. Microsoft To Do

While there is no denying the fact that the stock reminder app has vastly improved, it s still not perfect. So, if you are looking for more feature-rich or efficient alternatives, check out these worthy contenders.

Microsoft To Do is a versatile task manager and reminder app. So, if you need an app that can let you not only set reminders but also manage tasks, it could be an ideal asset for you. What gives it an edge over other reminder apps is thepersonalized daily plannerwith suggested tasks. Hene, it becomes pretty straightforward to create tasks. Moreover, it also provides colorful themes for customization, seamless syncing across devices, and Microsoft 365 accounts.



Should your need warrant a feature-packed to-do and reminder app, look no further than You can use this app to set recurring reminders and work together with your friends/colleagues with shared lists and assigned tasks. Thanks to thenifty widget, it lets you keep a track of your to-do lists, upcoming calendar events, and reminders without having to dig into the app every single time the need arrives.

3. Todoist

Install:(free, $5.99/month)

I have long been a fan of Todoist. It s probably the most intuitive task manager that also doubles up as a proficient reminder app. It lets you capture tasks, keep them organized, and set custom reminders so that you won t forget to do vital things. What s more, it also provides in-depth progress tracking and hassle-free collaboration. Couple that with the ability to integrate with a host of apps likeSlack,Gmail, Google Calendar as well asAmazon Alexa, and Todoist becomes very hard to look beyond.

Install:(free, $3.99/month)

Create and Manage Reminders on iPhone and iPad Like a Pro

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