How to Set a Sleep Timer in Apple Music on iPhone, Mac, and Android

Despite having all the necessary features to be a top-notch music streaming service, Apple Music is missing a built-in sleep timer. I find it puzzling that Apple Music doesn’t include a native sleep timer feature as I enjoy listening to calming music while drifting off to sleep. Without further ado, let’s look at how to set a sleep timer in Apple Music on an iPhone, iPad, Android device, Mac, and even a Windows PC.

Set a Sleep Timer in Apple Music (2022)

Surprise! iOS includes a really useful sleep timer that integrates with not only Apple Music but also other music-streaming services like Spotify and YouTube Music. You may set a specific sleep timer in the Clock app for the iPhone and iPad so that you can drift off to sleep while listening to your favourite music.

The Clock app easily fills the vacuum left by Apple Music’s lack of a native sleep timer, despite the fact that you can’t call it that. That implies that in order to complete the task, you won’t need to download a third-party software or pay any money. What about different technology, such as Mac, Windows, and Android? On these devices, you can set a sleep timer for Apple Music thanks to some clever workarounds I’ve discovered. Let’s begin with that in mind.

Set a Sleep Timer for Apple Music on iPhone and iPad

  1. Launch the Clock app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Click the Timer button in the lower right corner of the screen.

3. Next, choose the When Timer Ends option and choose the time duration.

4. Select the “Stop Playing” button at the bottom of the page. After that, click Set in the top right corner.

5. Click on Start to begin the sleep timer. Now that Apple Music will stop playing music at the appointed hour, you can go ahead and enjoy the music.

6. Keep in mind that you can stop or pause the sleep timer whenever you choose. Tap on Cancel/Pause in the Timer section of the Clock app.

Set Sleep Timer on Apple Music for Android

Note:At the moment, only the beta version of the Apple Music app offers the option to create a sleep timer. The function was examined in Apple Music beta version 3.10. In light of this, we might anticipate that the business will add this feature to the stable channel in the upcoming version.

1. To access the music playback interface, launch Apple Music on your Android phone and start listening to a song. When you arrive, select Sleep Timer from the menu by tapping the vertical three-dot icon in the upper right corner.

2. The durations are displayed when you choose Sleep Timer from the pop-up menu. The choices include 15, 30, 45, and 1 hour in addition to the conclusion of the current song or album. You just need to select the desired sleep timer duration. After the specified amount of time has passed, Apple Music will automatically stop playing the music.

3. Open the sleep timer interface (three dots menu in the now playing UI -> sleep timer) and press on the countdown to turn off the sleep timer on Apple Music. If you choose Off when you see the timing options, the music will keep playing even after the previously set sleep timer has expired.

Set a Sleep Timer for Apple Music on Mac

1. On your Mac, open System Preferences and select the Battery options.

Note:You must select Energy Saver in macOS Catalina and before. I must navigate to the Energy Saver options because I’m using macOS Catalina.

2. Then choose Schedule.

3. Next, choose the box next to “Sleep.”

Set a Sleep Timer for Apple Music on Windows

Next, choose your preferred time frame. Be sure to click OK to confirm before you finish.

Listen to Your Favorite Tunes in Bed with a Sleep Timer for Apple Music

On Windows, setting up a sleep timer for Apple Music is equally simple. Simply navigate to Settings -> System -> Power & Sleep -> Sleep to complete the process. Set the time period after that, and you are ready to begin.