How to Set Custom Charging Animation on iPhone in iOS 14

iOS has lagged behind other platforms in terms of customisation, offering relatively limited room for individualization. But with the release of iOS 14, there has been a significant change that has sort of made room for a lot more personalization. The most recent version of iOS provides a lot to boost your personalization game, whether it’s the wacky home screen widgets or the option to modify app icons. The iPhone’s ability to set an unique charging animation is one such equally amazing feature. This hack is for you if you want a cool charging animation to begin playing as soon as you plug in your iPhone to charge.

Set Custom Charging Animation on iPhone Running iOS 14 or Later

So, in iOS 14, how can you add a personalised charging animation to your iPhone? To choose the desired animation, we will first use a charging animation software. The charging animation will then be configured to play automatically whenever the iPhone is plugged in for charging using the Shortcuts app.

The end result is worth all the trouble even though the process is somewhat tiresome. When the animation is put up exactly, it operates consistently. With that said, shall we begin with the quick steps?

Download Your Favorite Charging Animation App and Select Your Preffed Animation

Install your preferred charging animation app first. I have identified three applications that are up to par among the few apps that provide charging animation:

  • Charging Sounds and Effects: (free)
  • Charging Animation (free)
  • Charging Sound: (free)

They are offered for free and have a good selection of animations. Therefore, download your preferred app before choosing the animation you wish to use.

I’ll be using Charging Animation in this guide.

Use Shortcuts App to Set the Charging Animation on Your iPhone

  1. Once you have selected a nice animation, launch the Shortcuts app on your iPhone and tap on the Automation tab at the bottom.

3. Click Create Personal Automation next. Next, choose the “Charger” option by selecting the bottom of the page.

4. Now, confirm that the Is Connectedoption is chosen. In the top right corner of the screen, click Next after that.

5. Press theNext once more.

6. Then, press Donat the upper right corner of the screen after disabling the toggle “Ask before Running.”

7. After that, select the No action checkbox and tap on the iPhone is linked to power option.

8. Next, select the Scripting option by tapping the Add Action button.

9. Next, choose Open App.

10. After that, select the charging animation you wish to utilise by tapping the Choose option.

11. Before you finish, be sure to click the back button in the top left corner of the screen and the confirm button.

Moving forward, each time you plug your iPhone in to charge, the customised charging animation will begin playing automatically.

Set Cool Charging Animation on Your iPhone

All there is to it is that! Try out a few charging animation applications to make sure you always have a great animation available now that you know how to make eye-catching charging animation for your iPhone.

What do you think of this hack, by the way? Additionally, let us know if it functions on your iPhone.