How to Set Time to Day or Night in Minecraft

In Minecraft, time doesn’t function in any weird manner. Due to the time-specific dynamics of numerous components, it is nevertheless a component that many players find challenging. Like, you have to wait for the day to be in charge of your people and the night to create hostile hordes. Fortunately, you can control your world and make it obey your commands if you know how to set the time in Minecraft to day or night. This article covers everything, from changing the day and night cycles to skipping in-game weeks. You’ll need to take some time to comprehend how the time works before you can change it. So let’s learn everything there is to know about the time command without wasting any more time. We’ll also go through how to use the game’s tick to change the time of day.

Set Time to Day in Minecraft (2022)

The time cycle mechanics in Minecraft will be discussed first. Use the table below to skip ahead and learn about the time command and its syntax if you are already familiar with them.

How Does Time Work in Minecraft?

Ticks are the unit of time used in Minecraft. A single tick lasts for 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) and ends a logical loop that is present in the game during that period. The game uses this loop for a number of different things, such as monster spawning, block updates, Redstone mechanisms, and more. Use our comprehensive guide to Minecraft ticks to discover everything there is to know.

Additionally, a Minecraft day is made up of the same ticks. In the real world, a full day and night cycle lasts for 24000 ticks, or 20 minutes. Additionally, by adding a few ticks to the time that has already passed in the game, you can use the time command to skip certain hours of the day.

How Does Time Command Affect the Game?

The only things that the time command in Minecraft changes are the length of the day and the local time. The world and its processes cannot be sped up with this instruction. However, you can use it to stay awake at night and prevent hostile mob spawns. However, you can only alter the random tick speed if you wish to speed up or slow down your universe.

How to Change the Tick Speed in Minecraft?

A random group of blocks are updated by Minecraft with each tick. The Java edition updates three blocks per tick, but the Bedrock edition only updates one block per tick. By altering the gamerule command, you can speed up the updating of blocks and your environment by reducing the random tick rate.

There is already a specific guide available that explains how to alter the random tick speed in Minecraft. This tutorial can be used to alter the game’s entity and block update speeds.

Uses of Time Command in Minecraft

The easiest way to use the time command in Minecraft is to set the time of day to noon, day, or night. But you may also use it to check and change your day’s time. Three keywords are present:

  • Add: Allows you to add time to the age of your Minecraft world
  • Query: Shows the detail of elapsed time
  • Set: Allows you to set your day-night cycle to a specific time

How to Use Time Command in Minecraft

The time command in Minecraft can only be used in a world where cheats are enabled, much like all the other helpful commands. Therefore, you must first allow hacks in your game. Toggle the Allow Cheats option in the LAN settings, which are available in the pause menu on the Java edition, in order to accomplish that. In the meantime, the Bedrock edition’s world settings offer the option to enable the same.

In order to adjust the time to day or night in Minecraft, you must type the time command in the conversation section (which can be accessed by pressing the T key or the right button on your D-Pad). To get the most out of it, let’s go over the different syntaxes and keywords.

Add Time Command

Use the time command’s syntax as follows to add time to your Minecraft world:

“/time add X”

Here, X denotes the amount by which you want to lengthen the time. D for days, S for seconds, and T for ticks must come after it. As an illustration, adding 22 days to the world’s age makes it 22 days older.

Time Command: Query

The time command’s query keyword, which displays how much time has passed in your world, is the most basic. The following is the syntax for this command:

inquiry time Y

The Y in this syntax can be changed to day, daytime, or gametime. Each one of them shows a distinct value:

  • Day: Number of days that have passed in your world
  • Daytime: Current time of your day in terms of ticks. It resets after every day-night cycle and can t be more than 24,000.
  • Gametime: Number of ticks that have passed since the creation of your world

Set Time Command

1. Set, the last and most potent keyword for the time command, is used. To modify the time in the day-night cycle, use the syntax shown below:

/set time A

Here, A can be changed to represent day, noon, night, or midnight. The time in your day will then be set by the game to that keyword’s relative time in Minecraft. For instance, you can play Minecraft with the moonlit skies and mob battles by using the command/time set midnight.

2. As an alternative, you may also reset the time in your Minecraft world by using the time command. Use the following syntax to do so:

/set time B

In this case, B must be changed to a number. To the numerical value, you must add s for seconds, d for days, or t for ticks. This will set the time in your world to a specified hour. The world’s clock will be reset, for instance, by the command /set time 0t.

Examples: How Time Command Works in Minecraft

Let’s go over some instances and put them to the test in the game to help you better comprehend the time command. Follow along and compare your in-game outcomes to our screenshots if you like. The command below sets the time in Minecraft to nightfall at 17726 ticks by adding 12000 ticks to the existing daytime setting. You can also see that I’m utilising a command block to complete this operation.

add time 12000

The query keyword and gametime will be used in the following command, as previously explained, to display the precise amount of time that has elapsed since you first started your Minecraft world. This is how it goes:

/time gametime query

How to Set Time to Day in Minecraft

It’s time to use Minecraft’s time command to regulate the day now that you are familiar with it. To change the time in Minecraft, type the following command:

Time set for day OR /settime 1000

The two instructions given here will set the time of your game to early morning. However, since the set day keyword has no effect on how many days have passed, we advise using it. Your in-game days will be reset to 0 if you enter set 1000, though.

You can also use the command below to change the time of the day to noon. Your global time is set to the middle of the day when you use the noon keyword. The amount of natural light and brightness in Minecraft is at its highest right now.

noon / time set

How to Set Time to Night in Minecraft

OR /set time to 6000

In Minecraft, you may use the command below to change the time to night:

Nighttime / time set

OR /set time 13000

Your world’s time will be set to early the next morning with this instruction. When you employ it, hostile mobs will immediately begin to spawn in your environment. Not to mention, we advise using theset nightkeyword rather than set 13000 to prevent the number of days in your world from decreasing to zero.

Additionally, you can use the following command to skip further into the evening:

How Long Is an In-Game Day in Minecraft?

/set time to midnight OR Timer set to 18000

This command changes the time in your universe to midnight, as you might infer from the keyword term. With that, you can anticipate being quickly engulfed in darkness and aggressive Minecraft enemies. You now understand how simple it is to change the time in Minecraft to day or night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Four distinct sections make up a whole Minecraft day in terms of in-game ticks:

The time of day


Next Day1Noon6000Night/Sunset13000Midnight18000

These parameters can be used in conjunction with the time set command to alter the settings of your Minecraft world as needed. These ticks can likewise be translated into actual time in a similar manner. Make the most of your Minecraft farms in terms of actual time by using the table below. Ticks Time for Minecraft In the Real World 24,0001 Day20 Min. 1,0001 Hour fifty seconds 168,0001 2.3 hours per week 192,0001 Lunar Cycle (Moon): 2.6 Hours 12,000 10 Days 12 Hours

In Minecraft, how do you change the time from day to night?

Use Time Command to Change Day or Night in Minecraft

To set your world’s time to nighttime, just after sunset, use the commands /time set 13000 or /time set night.