How to Set up and Test Your Microphone in Windows 11

In case a problem arises, Windows 11 includes a number of built-in programmes to assist you service, test, and maintain your computer. For instance, system restore in Windows 11 allows you to restore your computer to a working state at a previous period. A troubleshooter that repairs sound problems on Windows 11 automatically is also included with Windows 11 PCs, among many other issues. The Settings and Control Panel make it simple to test your microphone on Windows 11 if you are having problems with it as well. Moreover, you can enhance the microphone sound without downloading any external applications. Let’s go to learn how to test your microphone in Windows 11 now.

Test Your Microphone in Windows 11 (2022)

In this post, we’ve covered two ways to test the microphone in Windows 11, how to set up wired and wireless mics, and more. In addition, we have given guidelines for increasing the microphone loudness in Windows 11. So with that said, let’s get started.

Set Up a Wired Microphone in Windows 11

We must first determine which port the wired microphone should be connected to before we can set it up. Thus, let’s proceed and learn how to configure a wired microphone in Windows 11.

1. The 3.5mm audio jack often works for both sound output and microphone input if you’re using a Windows laptop. So, you should attach the connected microphone to your laptop’s headphone jack. Also, the mic port on a Windows PC that was specifically created for you will be pink in colour. Moreover, keep an eye out for the microphone icon near the ports.

2. After plugging in the microphone to the appropriate port, go to System -> Sound in Settings by pressing Windows + I.

3. Choose the wired microphone you want to use here under the Input area, and that’s all there is to it. You have installed a wired microphone in Windows 11 successfully.

Set Up a Wireless Microphone in Windows 11

Simply enter Settings and pair the Bluetooth wireless microphone with your Windows 11 PC to get it set up. Here’s how you approach it.

1. Verify pairing mode on your Bluetooth microphone. After that, launch the Settings app by selecting it from the Start menu or by pressing Windows + I on your keyboard.

2. On Windows 11, navigate to System -> Sound in the Settings app.

3. Go to the Input area by scrolling down. To pair a new input device, click Add device here. Your PC’s Bluetooth pairing window will open as a result.

4. Choose Bluetooth from the pop-up window here.

5. Your wireless microphone will appear here if pairing mode is active. When it does, click on it and adhere to the on-screen directions to pair the microphone.

6. I’m done. Make sure the wireless microphone is set as your default microphone under the Input section.

Test Your Microphone in Windows 11 From Settings

1. Press Windows + I on your keyboard to launch the Settings in Windows 11 and test your microphone. Alternatively, you can manually launch Settings from the Start menu.

2. Open Sound from the right pane under the System menu.

3. Scroll down and click on “Microphone” in the Input section of this page.

4. Next, select the Start test button next to Test your microphone under Input settings.

5. Once you begin speaking, an indication displaying the voice response should appear. When finished, select Stop test.

6. Below, Windows 11 will display the results of the microphone test. Your microphone is in good working order if the test result is more than 50%. Alternatively, push the Input volume slider all the way up. There it is.

Test the microphone on your Windows 11 computer once more, and it ought should be able to pick up your voice without any problems this time.

Test Your Microphone in Windows 11 From Control Panel

1. The Control Panel in Windows 11 allows you to test the microphone. To open the Run window, simply hit Windows + R. Enter after typing mmsys.cpland. This will launch the Control Panel’s Sound options in a new window.

2. Next, select your microphone from the Recording tab. Click Configure in the bottom-left corner after that.

3. The Voice Recognition window will open. Click on Set up microphone here.

4. Choose Other and then click on Next in the following window. Choose the appropriate choice if you have a headset or a dedicated microphone connected. Other is a good choice if you have a built-in microphone.

5. Click Next and then read the sentence that appears on the screen. The indication is in the green zone if your microphone is functioning properly. Click Next after reading the sentence.

6. If everything went smoothly, it will display “Your mic is ready to use” on the screen. You can now shut the window. Go on to the next way to increase the microphone volume in Windows 11 if the microphone was picking up voices low or high.

Boost Microphone Volume in Windows 11

1. To launch the Run window, press Windows + R. Enter after typing mmsys.cpland.

2. Choose your microphone and open the properties in the Sound window’s Recording tab.

3. Now click the Levels tab and raise the Microphone Boost setting. If the microphone is taking up too much noise, you can also lower it.

Microphone Not Working in Windows 11? Fix Here!

No matter what you do, if the microphone on your Windows 11 computer is not working, relax. In a separate blog, we’ve broken down each process for fixing microphone problems on Windows 10 and 11. Simply follow our instructions, and the microphone will resume functioning normally. You might need to update the system settings or reinstall the microphone drivers.

Test and Optimize the Microphone Sound in Windows 11

Two native methods for configuring and testing the microphone in Windows 11 have been described. In my tests, Microsoft did a fantastic job integrating the microphone test application with the Windows 11 Settings app. In addition, you can check and boost the mic sound by opening the Control Panel window. But that’s not all. One of the anticipated new capabilities for Windows 11 allows you to view which programme or application is using the microphone in real-time. For Windows 11, it would be a helpful feature. Also, you can follow our linked instructions to gain a universal mute switch in Windows 11/10. Finally, let us know in the comments section below if you have any queries.