How to Set Up Name and Photo Sharing in iMessage on iPhone and iPad

The possibility to create an iMessage profile has improved Apple’s already feature-rich Texts app, which has already benefited from the two-finger touch gesture that makes managing messages on iPhone easier. When consumers communicated using iMessage prior to iOS 13, no personal information was ever shared. Although it was a sensible choice in terms of privacy, it was undoubtedly out of date. Additionally, this antiquated restriction would have iPhone owners manually set contact names and photographs in the address book. That was, to put it mildly, a really boring affair. Thankfully, those times are behind us, as name and photo sharing may now be configured in iMessage on your iPhone and iPad.

Customize iMessage Profile for Name and Photo Sharing in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13

Multiple ways to customise the iMessage profile are available in the standard messaging programme for people who enjoy extreme personalization. You could, for instance, choose a cool Memoji as your iMessage profile picture. The software not only lets you select your preferred image but also lets you customise your status with hilarious Animojis like excrement, panda, pig, robot, ghost, and more. Not to mention the colours and effects that can really help to improve the appearance of your photos. Let’s customise the iMessage profile for name and photo sharing in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 after all of that.

1. Open the Messages application on your iPad or iPhone, and then tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.

2. A bottom popup menu will now appear. Select Name and Photo Editing.

3. Click Choose Name and Photo on the following screen. The next step is to choose your photo. Your iMessage profile picture might be a fun-loving Memoji, or you can choose a stylish photo or selfie to make your picture appear gorgeous.

Set Memoji as the Profile Photo of your iMessage

Once theMemojiicon has been chosen, click Continue. Select the preferred colour now, then press Continue. Tap on Strike Your Pose, take a snapshot, then choose if you want to start over. After that, click Continue.

Set a Photo As Your iMessage Profile

Make sure your Apple ID profile photo is selected, then click Continue to configure it as your iMessage profile picture. Select a favourite filter and then hit Continue.

Just in case, tap on the three horizontal dots to change your iMessage profile picture to a different image or an Animoji.

Select the desired photo from your photo library by tapping the All Photos option and then choosing a different image. Simply tap the camera button to take a new picture, then take the picture as usual. The image can then be scaled and moved with your fingers to suit the frame exactly. In the lower right corner of the screen, click Use Photo. Select your preferred filter to finish off your selfie.

Choose your preferred Animoji to use as your iMessage profile picture.

Choose by striking your preferred pose and pressing the shutter button. Choose your preferred colour now. Finally, click Done in the top right corner.

4. After you have finished tweaking your profile photo, click Continue. After that, a popup window with the words “Use This Photo Everywhere?” may appear. This picture will be changed in My Card in Contacts and your Apple ID. To continue, click the pop-up button.

  • Contacts Only: Share your name and photo only with your contacts.
  • Always Ask: Get a prompt before your updated name and photo will be shared.

5. You can then make any necessary changes to your first and last names. You have two choices under the area labelled “Share Automatically”:

Select your preferred choice, and then touch Done to complete.

How to Turn off Name and Photo Sharing in iMessage on iPhone and iPad

Going forward, your updated name and picture will be transmitted automatically anytime you message someone in your contacts. The recipient will then have the option to change your name and picture in their address book.

Later, you can quickly turn off this function right from the Messages app if you ever decide to stop sharing your name and images with anyone you contact for any personal reasons.

1. On your device, open the Messages app, and then tap the three dots in the upper right corner. Select Edit Name and Photo from the menu after that.

2. At this point, deactivate the option by Name and Photo Sharing. Then, double-check that you wish to disable this feature by tapping on Donat the top right.

Nota Bene: You may also turn off this function in the Settings app under Messages > Share Name and Photo > turn off the Name and Photo Sharing toggle.

Set Up Your iMessage Profile for Name and Photo Sharing

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