How to Set Windows 11 Taskbar Icons to Never Combine

The option to set Taskbar icons to Never Combine is still absent in Microsoft’s newest desktop operating system, Windows 11. Windows 11 delivers a vast list of hidden features. It’s difficult for users that migrated from Windows 10 to Windows 11 to find their way around the new centred Taskbar. You shouldn’t worry, though, as we have figured out a clever way to make this feature available. In this post, we’ll show you two quick ways to make sure that the Taskbar icons in Windows 11 never overlap. It functions just like Windows 10 and 7, and Windows 11 also gives you access to some legacy changes. Check out how to ungroup Windows 11 Taskbar icons right away.

Set Windows 11 Taskbar Icons to Never Combine (2022)

Windows 11 Taskbar icon combining can be prevented in two different ways, as we have already mentioned. You may further personalise the Taskbar in Windows 11 by using the third-party apps described below, so if you are an old-school user, you will adore them. Expand the table below to view both applications.

Ungroup Windows 11 Taskbar Icons with StartAllBack

With the help of the potent application StartAllBack, you may make the Taskbar icons in Windows 11 never mix. In addition, it adds a Start menu in the style of Windows 10 and other aesthetic updates that traditional users will like. A 100-day free trial is available. Following that, you will need to purchase a licence key for $4.99 for one PC. You should absolutely get this software if you enjoy using it. After that, let’s check how it functions:

1. Start by downloading StartAllBack using the link provided. Afterward, use the downloaded EXE file to instal the application.

2. The Taskbar will be shifted to the left when the programme has been installed. Additionally, StartAllBack will launch immediately and provide you with a number of taskbar customization options. To open the programme if that doesn’t work, right-click on the taskbar and choose Properties.

3. On your Windows 11 computer, select the drop-down option next to Combine taskbar buttons in the Taskbar area of the left sidebar. Pick Never from the drop-down selection next. The end of that.

4. Your Windows 11 computer’s Taskbar icons will now be set to never mix. To see an example of what it would look like, refer to the screenshot below:

Ungroup Windows 11 Taskbar Icons with ExplorerPatcher

If you want an application that is entirely free and are dissatisfied with StartAllBack’s 100-day trial term, ExplorerPatcher is a fantastic choice. With only one click, you may ungroup the Taskbar icons in Windows 11. For comprehensive instructions, go to the guide below.

1. Download ExplorerPatcher using this link.

2. Once the app is installed, the Taskbar icon alignment will be automatically changed to the left. The best feature of this programme is that you don’t need to do anything because the Taskbar icons are set to never merge by default.

3. In any case, right-click the Taskbar and choose Properties to customise the settings.

4. You can further personalise Windows 11’s Taskbar in the Taskbar area. Be sure to select Restart File Explorer at the bottom left after making the changes.

Ungroup Taskbar Buttons on Windows 11

These are the two simplest methods in Windows 11 for ungrouping Taskbar icons and setting them never to combine. Despite my efforts, the most recent Windows 11 release does not support ungrouping Taskbar icons. I have tried a couple tricks with the Registry Editor. StartAllBack is a speedy alternative Start menu that gives Windows 11 the fluidity of Windows 7, thus I’d highly recommend it. That concludes this guide, though. Browse through our thorough list to discover more about impending Windows 11 features. We also have a helpful guide if you want to learn how to drag and drop files onto the Windows 11 Taskbar. Finally, let us know in the comments section below if you have any queries.