How to Share a Tweet on Instagram Story on iOS and Android

Your phone’s photo gallery is likely filled with screenshots of tweets if you frequently share them on Instagram Stories. That’s going to change though, as Twitter now makes it simple to add tweets to Instagram Stories. You’ve come to the right site if you want to find out how to achieve that. On iOS and Android, follow these instructions to instantly publish a tweet on your Instagram Story.

How to Share Tweets on Instagram Stories (June 2021)

We’ve included two workarounds for posting tweets to Instagram Stories on Android smartphones even though Twitter now offers an official way to do so. So make sure to finish reading the story, or use the interactive table below to skip to the segment you choose.

How to Share Tweets to Instagram Story on iOS

At the end of 2020, Twitter initially began testing this functionality. However, the business has only lately made it possible for all iOS users to share a tweet on Instagram Story.

Let’s move on to the step-by-step instructions for immediately sharing a tweet from Twitter to your Instagram Stories now that that is out of the way. The steps are listed below.

  • First, open the Twitter app on your iOS device.
  • Select a tweet that you want to share on your IG Story and tap the Share icon.
  • Once the iOS share sheet opens up, select the Instagram Stories option.
  • Following this, you will be redirected to the Instagram app, and a new IG Story draft will open up on your iPhone. The tweet will appear as a movable, resizable sticker for your Instagram Story. You can now also add text, stickers, and all the jazz to give your story a facelift.
  • Then, tap the Your Story button at the bottom-left corner to share the tweet on your IG Stories.

You may easily share a tweet on your iPhone directly from Twitter to Instagram Stories by doing the things mentioned above. The tweet will, however, appear as a static image in Stories. It has no connection to the initial tweet. It’s a little unfortunate that you can’t tap on the tweet to open it in the Twitter app. A protected tweet cannot be added to your Instagram Story, so keep that in mind as well.

How to Share Tweets to Instagram Story on Android

Unfortunately, you will have to use workarounds in order to share tweets on Instagram Stories using an Android device for the time being. Currently, Twitter for Android does not offer a direct share option. Users must therefore continue to use tweet screenshots until Twitter integrates IG Stories into its Android client.

Right now, there are two ways you can use an Android device to share tweets on your Instagram Stories.

Method 1: Using Cropped Tweet Screenshot

  • Open the Twitter app on your Android device. Then, take a screenshot of the tweet you want to include in your Instagram Story.
  • Add the screenshot to a photo editing app of your choice and crop out the tweet.
  • Next, open Instagram on your Android device and go to the Story creation section by swiping right from the home page or tapping the + button at the top left. If you choose the latter, do remember to switch to the Story .
  • Then, tap on the gallery icon at the bottom left corner of the screen to open your photo library.
  • And then, select the cropped screenshot of the tweet, and add it to your Instagram Story. That s it.

You can share tweets to your Instagram Story on an Android device using a different workaround in addition to the one described above.

Method 2: Using Photo Library Sticker

  • Open the Instagram app on your Android device. Move to the Story creation UI, as I have instructed in the steps above, and select any random picture.
  • Then, select the drawing tool from the options available at the top.
  • Select a color of your choice from the palette at the bottom, and long-press on the screen to change the background color.
  • Next, swipe up on the Story UI to open the stickers panel, and select the photo sticker.
  • The photo sticker will open up your camera roll, enabling you to select the cropped tweet screenshot, and add it as a sticker to your Instagram Story.

Sharing Tweets on Instagram Stories Made Easy!

You will now acknowledge that both Android processes are more time-consuming than the iOS procedure. Android users will need to rely on workarounds, too, as the option to publish tweets directly to Instagram Stories is currently only available to iPhone users. When the feature will be generally accessible to all users is still unknown. We anticipate it will be here very soon to serve more Twitteratis. Let’s also hope that Instagram will eventually be more open to this integration and permit users to touch on tweets to view them on Twitter.