How to Share Location on WhatsApp on Android and iOS

You might occasionally want to tell your WhatsApp contacts where you are right now. WhatsApp has you covered whether you need to provide your pal the address to your new house or share your current location with loved ones. We’ve covered how to send your location on WhatsApp in this article. On both iPhone and Android smartphones, we have demonstrated how to share your current position or live location on WhatsApp.

How to Send Location on WhatsApp: Explained (2022)

How to Share Your Location on WhatsApp (Android)

1. Tap the attachment icon from the chat bar in the recipient’s WhatsApp chat. Select Location from the menu that now opens.

2. You will find listings for nearby places on the location sharing screen. Choose one of those locations, or select Send your current location. You can determine how exact the location coordinates are based on how accurate your GPS is. My location is precise to 20 metres in this instance. Now, the recipient can click the Google Maps link to see where you are right now.

How to Share Your Location on WhatsApp (iPhone)

The process for sending your location on WhatsApp using an iPhone is the same as it is for Android, but the user interface is a little different. To send your location on WhatsApp for iOS, simply adhere to the methods listed below:

1. Open the recipient’s WhatsApp chat and touch the Plus icon in the bottom-left corner of the window. Choose Location from the pop-up menu when it appears.

2. Select Send Your Current Position to share your current location when the map interface appears. You can share local places or company listings from this page as well.

When sharing your location with contacts for the first time, you must provide WhatsApp permission to do so. Depending on your privacy concerns, you can select the Allow Once or Allow While Using App choices.

3. The recipient can now hit the conversation’s map link to see where you are right now.

How to Share Live Location on WhatsApp (Android)

1. Open the conversation window on your Android phone, tap the attachment button, and then select the Location icon to share your WhatsApp live location.

2. Next, select one of the durations—15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours—by pressing Share live location. To share your live location, add a note if you’d like, and then click the Send icon.

3. You will now receive information about the live sharing session’s expiration date and a preview of the live location. The recipient can tap the link to see where you are right now.

How to Share Live Location on WhatsApp (iPhone)

1. Open the WhatsApp chat on your iPhone and click the Plus icon in the bottom-left corner to send your WhatsApp live location. Select Location from the pop-up menu at this point.

2. Your local area’s map will now be visible. To share your live location, select Share Live Location from this screen.

3. As long as the session remains alive, the recipient can tap the live location to see your present location and follow your progress.

Stop Location Sharing on WhatsApp (Android & iPhone)

1. Tap the Stop sharing button under the map listing to stop WhatsApp from revealing your location. You can stop sharing your live location by tapping Stop when the confirmation window occurs.

2. To indicate that you are no longer sharing your live location, you will see the text Live location ceased underneath the map preview. You can check for this text to see if you’ve stopped sharing your location.

Share WhatsApp Location: FAQ

How frequently does WhatsApp update its location?

As long as you have a strong internet connection, WhatsApp continuously updates the contact with your location because live location sharing occurs in real-time.

Whatsapp Live Location’s accuracy?

Your WhatsApp live position can be pinpointed to within 10 metres.

The live location can I post on WhatsApp Web?

You cannot share your live location with another user of WhatsApp Web.

Share WhatsApp Location with Close Friends and Family

When travelling or in an emergency, it’s practical to let your friends and family know where you are by sharing your position on WhatsApp. They can also be instantly aware of your location thanks to the live location feature. In the meantime, feel free to check out our advice on sending WhatsApp messages without preserving the phone number if you need to quickly text someone, say to call for assistance.