How to Share Songs to Instagram Stories from Spotify, Apple Music, and More

We cannot dispute the role that music and art played in ensuring that everyone in 2020 survived the coronavirus epidemic. I’ve heard a number of great music during the past several months that I had never even heard of before, and it may be the same for you. Sharing the songs on Instagram Stories is an alternative to think about if you want to quickly share the tunes you found with your pals.

Share Songs to Instagram Stories

While some people view their favourite songs and playlists as something private they don’t share with anybody, others like guiding others towards great music. We’ll show how to rapidly post tracks from your preferred music streaming service to Instagram if you’re someone who likes to share music. After said all of that, let’s begin the list.

Share Songs to Instagram Stories from Spotify

Spotify is the music streaming service that popularised sharing songs on social media. If you use Spotify and are unsure of how to get started, follow these steps. Play the song you want to share, then select Share by tapping the vertical three-dot icon in the top right corner.

Tap Instagram from the Share sheet that now shows. The tale will be generated by the app automatically using the song’s album image. To share the song after it has finished doing all the work for you, touch the Your narrative button. The song you just posted can then be heard by your followers by tapping the Play on Spotify button on their phone’s Spotify app. This is a Spotify tip that everyone should be aware of, and you can learn more from the post we’ve linked to.

Share Songs to Instagram Stories from Apple Music

Apple Music just added the capability to allow users to share songs on Instagram Stories, following Spotify’s example. By tapping the three dots menu next to the song’s title and artist name on Apple Music, users can access the sharing options. Tap the Share song option in the pop-up that just appeared.

Choose Instagram Stories from the list of possibilities here. The song can now be included in your Instagram Stories. While coming late to the party, Apple Music’s approach is noteworthy. You’ll see a lovely wave effect in the background of a story when it shares a music from Apple Music, elevating the aesthetics. Of the bunch, it is without a doubt my favourite implementation. This makes it simple to share your top 25 songs with your Instagram followers so they may listen to them too.

Share Songs to Instagram Stories from TIDAL

Audiophiles’ favourite music streaming service TIDAL now incorporates Instagram Story sharing. Tap the vertical three dots menu in the bottom right corner to begin. When a pop-up menu with options displays, select Share.

TIDAL prompts you to choose the target platform right after you select Share. Instagram Stories is the first choice on the Share tab, as you can see in the screenshot below. Wait for the app to take you to Instagram after tapping on it.

Share Songs to Instagram Stories from SoundCloud

Because there is a Share option directly on the music player interface, sharing songs from SoundCloud is significantly simpler than it could otherwise be. Simply tap on it to select Stories, which will have the Instagram logo on it.

The remaining steps are really straightforward. You can tap to add the song to your story on Instagram by going to the story addition page on SoundCloud. The last tale has a nice blur to it that includes SoundCloud’s logo, and it looks alright.

Share Songs to Instagram Stories from JioSaavn

JioSaavn’s UI refresh update brought its feature set up to par with that of the top music streaming services. Here’s all you need to know if JioSaavn is your favourite music streaming service in order to upload tracks from the app to Instagram. To open the pop-up, first press on the vertical menu with three dots. Tap Share when the pop-up window displays.

Choose Instagram Stories from the Share sheet when it appears. JioSaavn will quickly transfer you to Instagram so you may share the song you can’t stop listening to with your loved ones.

Share Songs to Instagram Stories from Wynk Music

You can upload songs to Instagram Stories if you use Wynk Music. Tap on More once you’re at the player interface. The Share button will then appear as the first choice. When Wynk Music takes you to the Instagram story upload UI, tap on it and wait.

Wynk Music uses Android’s share sheet, in contrast to the majority of the apps on this list. Because of this, it will take you a moment to find Instagram Stories in the list of available apps. Tap on it to share the tale once you’ve located it. Having said that, I’m not pleased with Wynk Music’s execution. The only thing you get when you open Wynk Music from Instagram, as you can see in the screenshot below, is album art with the app’s logo on it. You might say Wynk Music reverse-rickrolled me in a way. I’m hoping Wynk Music will address this in a subsequent version.

Share Songs to Instagram Stories from Shazam

Despite the fact that Shazam isn’t a true music streaming service, millions of people use the app to identify songs. If you use Shazam to uncover a catchy song and get overly excited about it, you may share it with your Instagram followers directly from Shazam. To do this, open the Shazam page for a song, click the vertical menu with three dots, and then select Share.

Watch out for Shazam Instagram Stories on the Share sheet. Remember that the Shazam logo will appear on this selection rather than the Instagram logo. You can use the illustration below as a guide. Tap on it when you locate it to share the story on Instagram.

Share Songs to Instagram Stories from Gaana

Instagram song sharing is implemented awkwardly and unreliablely by Gaana. The option to share a music to Instagram is present when you visit the track from the album area, however it is not visible from the player interface. Even then, there is no direct ability to play the music via the Gaana app; it merely generates the album art, similar to Wynk Music.

If you’re still curious, go to the album view, click the button with the horizontal three dots, and then select Share to Instagram Stories. As you can see in the screenshot below, Gaana has not made it possible to access the app.

Share Songs to Instagram Stories from Pandora

Song sharing features were added to the Pandora app in September 2019. Open the app, then start playing one of your favourite songs to activate the feature. Tap the horizontal three-dot menu that is displayed next to the track’s title in the music player interface, and then select Share. Choose Instagram Stories from the sharing sheet. See a preview of the created narrative by clicking on the image below.

Image: Pandora

Share Songs to Instagram Stories from Deezer

Another music streaming platform that offers the ability to post tracks to Instagram Stories is Deezer. To begin, touch the three horizontal dots menu next to a song and select Share to Instagram Stories. Deezer Community, in picture

You can share up to 5 lines of lyrics in the tale, which is one distinctive feature of Deezer’s approach to Instagram stories. This might be useful when you want to emphasise a particular section of the music more than others. Photo: Deezer

Streaming Services without Instagram Story Sharing

Only two of the big streaming providers currently do not allow users to share tracks to Instagram Stories. YouTube Music, which has been testing a music sharing tool, will soon join the other two. Yet, there has been no update on the Amazon Music front.

  • Amazon Music
  • YouTube Music

Share Songs within Instagram

You’ll be relieved to learn that you may share songs using Instagram’s music feature without the use of outside applications if you’re in a rush. However keep in mind that you can only choose songs from Instagram’s music collection. Choose a background for your narrative and then press the sticker button in the upper right corner of the Story interface to get started. Choose Music from the list of possibilities that appears now.

Find the song you want to share in the search box, then click it from the list of results. You can decide to display the lyrics or maintain the track’s thumbnail preview.

You can mix and combine each of these features if you’re feeling daring. For instance, you may select the precise music from Instagram’s catalogue by taking a snapshot of the player UI (I know, a little dated). The end result resembles what is shown below. I prefer this approach since viewers may hear a sample of the song without having to use the streaming provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can t I put music on my Instagram story?

You can share music on your Instagram Story via the app Spotify or Apple Music, or you can use Instagram’s built-in music capability.

How do I share my Spotify story with music on Instagram?

To share a music from Spotify to Instagram, open the song and select Instagram from the Share menu.

Are all songs available on Instagram?

Due to licence agreements, Instagram’s music library is somewhat constrained. Songs might not be readily available in your area.

Can you put your own music on Instagram story?

You can make a recording of your voice and upload it as an Instagram story. If you’re an artist, you can distribute your song on any streaming service by using this guide.

How do I share my Spotify playlist with Instagram cover?

To share your Spotify playlist on Instagram, open the playlist, choose Share, and then select Instagram.

Which is better Apple Music or Spotify?

Apple Music is the best option if you use Apple products. On the other side, Spotify offers excellent integration to smoothly pick up where you left off if you own a range of gadgets and platforms.

How do I put my Spotify link in my Instagram bio?

To make your Spotify profile link your Instagram bio, copy the link from Spotify and paste it in the Edit Profile -> Website area of the Instagram app.

Why can t I share a song from Apple Music to Instagram?

On iOS and Android, Apple Music provides the opportunity to share songs. In iOS 13.4.5, the capability was first made available. Make sure your app is updated to the most recent version available on the ITunes Store or Google Play Store if you’re having trouble receiving it.

Add Songs to Instagram Story from Android and iPhone

So there you have it—how to upload tunes to Instagram Stories. Please let us know in the comments if you found this to be useful. In our coverage of Instagram tips and tricks and the regularly updated list of new Instagram features that you should utilise, you may find a few useful hacks in the interim.