How to Share Spotify and Apple Music Song Lyrics to Instagram Stories

There are times when you hear songs with lyrics that are so beautifully spoken that you can’t help but marvel how the lyricist found the perfect words to convey their thoughts and feelings. Spotify and Apple Music just integrated lyrics sharing to Instagram Stories in order to make it easier for you to share songs that are masterworks of songwriting. We’ll go over the procedures in this article for uploading music lyrics to Instagram Stories.

Share Song Lyrics to Instagram Stories

For posting song lyrics from Spotify and Apple Music to Instagram Stories, we’ve added a distinct set of instructions. Depending on the music streaming service you use, you can skip to the relevant section. So with that said, let’s begin.

Share Spotify Song Lyrics to IG Stories

1. Launch Spotify and scroll down to see the song’s lyrics. You’ll find a Share button in the lower right corner of the lyrics sheet. Choose the lines you want to share by tapping on it. In a narrative, you can contribute up to 5 lines. After selecting the lines, click the Share button.

2. When you click the Sharing button, a personalised share sheet appears. By pressing on the card preview from here, you may select the target app and modify the colour scheme. Tap the Instagram Stories icon to upload lyrics to Instagram. By tapping the Your Narrative icon on Instagram after the app has transferred you there, you can then add it to your story.

Share Apple Music Song Lyrics to IG Stories

1. Launch Apple Music’s player interface and select the Lyrics tab from the bottom controls. Long-press any line once you arrive to open the lyrics sharing UI. To access the sharing interface for lyrics, you can also tap the Share Lyrics button.

2. At this point, you can choose the lines you want to share. You may share lyrics with up to 150 characters, so keep that in mind. To share the tale after choosing the lines, tap the Instagram Stories icon. On this page, you can share lyrics for iMessage if you have an iPhone. The function debuted along with iOS 14.5 beta.

3. You’ll be directed to Instagram when the app creates the story. To share your story, tap the Your Story icon. The attention to detail in Apple Music’s implementation of lyrics sharing is what I appreciate. Your Instagram followers will be directed to the precise timestamp of the line you posted in the story when they select the Play on Apple Music option. For the time being, this is something that Spotify’s approach to sharing lyrics lacks.

Add Lyrics to Instagram Stories from Apple Music and Spotify

So that’s how Spotify and Apple Music allow you to share lyrics to Instagram Stories. Check out our linked tutorial, where we’ve added instructions for doing that from the majority of streaming services available, if you’re seeking for a means to upload songs to Instagram Stories. Check out our posts on the top Instagram tips & tricks and new Instagram features for more advice like this.