How to Share Wi-Fi Passwords Using QR Codes on Android

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, it may not be a good idea to see a friend or invite a visitor over, but if you find yourself in a new location or have visitors, providing your Wi-Fi password can be a problem. Some users continue to utilise the outdated method of manually inputting passwords, however in 2021, you shouldn’t be doing that. Today, you’ll learn how to use the function on your Android phone. With Android 10, Android embraced the QR code technique for sharing Wi-Fi passwords.

Share Wi-Fi Passwords Using QR Codes on Android

You can easily communicate passwords using QR codes using the Wi-Fi Easy Connect protocol from the Wi-Fi Alliance if you have an Android phone running Android 10 or higher. It’s possible that earlier Android phones running specific custom skins, like MIUI, have a comparable implementation.

Generate QR Code of Wi-Fi Network

1. Go to Wi-Fi settings in the Settings app on your phone. From the list of connections, tap the Wi-Fi network to access its specific page. A share button with a QR code icon can be found here. Click or tap on it to continue.

2. Your device will request verification shortly after you touch the Share button to confirm that you are who you say you are. To authorise the request to generate a QR code, you can either use the device PIN or your fingerprint. You’ll see the Wi-Fi network’s QR code after the authentication is finished.

Scan QR Code of Wi-Fi Network

1. Now that the QR code has been created, it is time to allow your visitors (or you) to scan it. In the Wi-Fi settings, tap the QR code symbol next to Add network to accomplish this. Scan the QR code you just created on the other device using the interface for scanning QR codes.

2. Another method to reach the QR code scanning interface is to tap on the SSID of the target Wi-Fi network and then press the QR code icon adjacent to the password textbox. I would advise sticking with the original approach since this requires a few additional touches to get the same setting.

Scan QR Codes and Easily Connect to Wi-Fi Networks

You may quickly share QR codes with your friends, visitors, or family in this way. As you’ve just seen, exchanging Wi-Fi passwords on Android is no longer a headache, and manual password entry is a thing of the past. If you don’t want to type passwords anywhere, you should think about utilising a password manager. Check out our articles on keeping your Android smartphone secure and modifying app permissions for more helpful hints.