How to Show Battery Percentage on macOS Monterey

The battery % display makes it simpler to monitor the battery’s condition and determine how much power is still in the tank. As a result, you are less likely to be surprised and won’t need to scramble for the power adaptor at the last minute. Surprisingly, neither macOS Monterey nor macOS Big Sur by default display the battery level in the menu bar. To conveniently check the battery charge, you may select to have macOS Monterey display the battery percentage. I’ll demonstrate how to make this feature available.

How to Show Battery Percentage on Mac (2021)

Many macOS users might not be aware that they can readily see the battery percentage on the menu bar because the battery menu bar setting is available under System Preferences. Some people might even start to wonder if Apple has fully abandoned the feature in the most recent macOS releases. Before continuing, it’s important to note that the procedures are the same for macOS Monterey and Big Sur.

Show Battery Percentage in Menu Bar on macOS Monterey

1. Select System Preferences by clicking the Appleicon in the top left corner of the screen.

2. After that, choose Dock & Menu Bar.

3. Next, select the Battery option from the left sidebar by scrolling down.

4. Select the Show Percentage option by checking the box next to it. Please be aware that you can choose to display the battery icon and % in the Control Center. You could wish to show the battery percentage there as well if you prefer to manage basic controls on macOS using the iOS-style control centre. To accomplish this, be sure to choose the Show in Control Center checkbox.

Check Remaining Battery on macOS Monterey

You can now simply monitor how much battery life your Mac has left. Examine the battery % display that shows up to the left of the battery icon in your Mac’s menu bar. The battery icon will also show up at the bottom of the Control Center if the Show in Control Centerbox is also checked.

The battery % symbol in the menu bar will now display a correct estimate of the battery life left in macOS Monterey whenever you click it. Additionally, it will show you which apps are using a lot of battery so you can manage them to increase battery life. The designed macOS battery settings are available when you select the Battery Preferences option, and you may change them to increase the battery life of your Mac device.

New battery settings on Mac

Repeat the procedures outlined in the previous section and then uncheck the “Show Percentage” option if you ever want to hide the battery percentage in macOS Monterey.

Show/ Hide Battery Percentage on macOS Monterey

The battery % can now be added to the menu bar on macOS Monterey in a rather simple manner (and Big Sur). Given that it’s a necessary function, it would have been preferable if Apple had made it the default option. Similar to iOS 15, macOS Monterey has developed a number of noteworthy features, including as Mail Privacy Protection, SharePlay, Shortcuts, and others. Unfortunately, there are a number of macOS Monterey issues, such as unanticipated overheating and Wi-Fi problems, that have tempered enthusiasm for the newest desktop OS release. How has your experience been using the most recent version of macOS? Please provide us your feedback in the comments section.