How to Show Network Activity in Status Bar on Android

Every smartphone maker does add their own features or make changes to the Android OS that’s included in their products. While some firms, like Motorola and OnePlus, focus on making minor adjustments and providing their own set of apps, others, like Asus and Xiaomi, believe in entirely changing the look and feel of the Android OS. The Network Activity Meter in the status bar stands out among Xiaomi’s many OS innovations, despite the fact that it is one of several that MIUI is known for. We all rely on the internet for various purposes, so we all want to be able to view our connection speeds in real time.

What if I told you there was a way to obtain the same feature—or perhaps a more sophisticated version—on your Android phone or tablet? Does it seem too wonderful to be true? Actually, no. Here’s how, on any Android smartphone, to display network speed in the status bar:

Show Network Activity on your Status Bar

1. To display network activity in the status bar, use the Internet Speed Meter app from the Play Store. It is free to download from the Play Store.

2. After the programme is installed, simply launch it to see a typical screen that displays data use. You will already have an Upload/Download metre in the middle of your Status Bar, as you can see. Tap the Settings icon to make additional customizations.

3. You may configure a number of features of this metre in the Settings tab, including whether bits or bytes are used as the unit, whether the metre appears on the lockscreen, and a number of other options.

4. As seen below, you can also touch on the Widget Location option to change the location of the internet speed metre.

Despite the fact that there are other applications on the Play Store that make the same claims, I thought Internet Speed Meter was the best of the bunch because it had the most straightforward user interface and the finest functionality. But, feel free to check out Internet Speed Meter Lite, which is also offered on the Play Store for no cost, if you’re interested in seeing other options. One of the more accurate internet metres available, even if you can’t move the meter’s position on your status bar and it only shows download speed.

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Enable Network Activity in Status Bar on your Android Device

While MIUI only shows the download speed on your Status Bar, you may view the download speed, or both the download and upload speeds, in real time on your device’s Status Bar with the aid of Internet Speed Meter and other similar apps. Thus, give these apps a try and share your thoughts with us in the comments area below. Please speak out here if you have any other questions.