How to Spawn Warden in Minecraft 1.19

The conversation about the powerful Warden has only intensified since the release of the Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update. While some players in Minecraft are eager to vanquish the Warden, others simply want to try their best enchantments. Knowing how to spawn a Warden in Minecraft is the first step in dealing with whatever the situation is for you. From the Warden’s preferred biome to the potential triggers for its spawn, we have covered everything you need to know. You can utilise this information to stop the Warden from spawning even if you don’t intend to combat him. Let’s discover how to locate a Warden in Minecraft now that that has been said.

Spawn Warden in Minecraft (2022)

For your convenience, we have divided the various in-game mechanics that are necessary to find the Warden in Minecraft into distinct parts. To learn more about them in depth step-by-step, consult the table below.

What is a Warden in Minecraft?

The Deep Dark biome is home to the formidable hostile mob known as the Warden. It is also the first blind mob in Minecraft that hunts by using vibrations, smells, and sounds.

Even if you are wearing complete netherite armour, the Warden can easily kill you in just two hits once it locates you. When the Warden can’t directly attack you, it will instead unleash a weaker sonic shriek assault that can go through any block but isn’t as potent as its direct hits.

Where and At What Level Does the Warden Spawn?

only spawns in the Deep Dark biome, the Warden. It is a new biome added to the game in version 1.19, and it is found below the overworld. Only below the height level of Y=-15 can you discover it. In addition, the Ancient City is where the Warden is most frequently called. It is the main generating structure in this biome and contains incredible riches.

There is an unusual approach to locate the biome if, despite mining and exploring, you are still unable to do so. To find the Deep Dark biome, execute the following Minecraft command in your chat window:

deep dark minecraft:locate biome

This command only functions if your world has cheats enabled. Once triggered, the locate command will display the closest Deep Dark biome’s location. After that, you can either mine your way there or teleport there in Minecraft.

How to Summon the Warden in Minecraft

Warden does not spontaneously spawn, not even in its native biome, unlike other hostile creatures. Only when thesculk shriekerblock senses your presence three times does the Warden spawn. You have two chances to avoid being caught producing unintentional noise and vibration. But the Sculk Shrieker will call the Warden if you do it three times.

Sculk Shrieker block in Minecraft

Every time you activate this block, you also get the darkness effect, which makes it more difficult to move around in the already gloomy space. Keep the Potion of Night Vision on hand to restore some of your vision.

How Does the Sculk Shrieker Work?

The sculk shrieker operates according to the following game mechanics:

  • The sculk shrieker only detects players if they are within 16 blocks of its range. It has a spherical range and expands in all directions.
  • When it comes to the darkness effect, it has a larger range of 40 blocks. Moreover, it affects all the players in the range, not just the one who triggered the shrieker.
  • As mentioned earlier, you have to trigger the shrieker three times to make it spawn the Warden. The first two times it applies the darkness effect but only gives out a warning shriek.
  • All shriekers have a collective 10-second cooldown for each player. So, if a player triggers one shrieker, they don t have to worry about triggering another for at least 10 seconds.
  • Lastly, if the player is somehow able to get out of the shrieker s range before it finishes shrieking, it doesn t spawn the Warden in Minecraft. Neither does it apply the darkness effect. Though, this activation still counts as one of the three trigger strikers.

How to Find the Warden in Ancient City

The Warden begins spawning after around 5 seconds after the sculk shrieker being activated. It immediately begins digging its way out of a solid block nearby and looking for the player. In Minecraft 1.19, if you unintentionally contact the Warden at spawn, it will immediately target and fight you. So, when it spawns, be careful to preserve your distance and flee.

The Warden will be looking for you, so that portion is up to you. The opposite is not true. You only need to wait a short while after it spawns for the Warden to discover you, attack, and kill you. With the use of our guide that is connected, you can attempt to vanquish the Warden. However, it’s a losing struggle unless you have the best Minecraft bow enchantments.

Ready to Find and Fight the Warden in Minecraft

With that, you are fully knowledgeable on how to generate a Warden in Minecraft. That is a topic for another discussion, as are methods for surviving and escaping. To gain the best equipment in the game, we advise you to review the Minecraft enchantments guide. Because turning around is not really an option once you begin fighting the Warden. However, if you set up a multiplayer Minecraft server, you can enlist the aid of your friends to combat this aggressive, blind crowd. However, do you believe the Warden is too powerful for a non-boss-mob? Tell us in the remarks section below!