How to Stop Discord Showing What Game You’re Playing

The most widely used gaming chat app, Discord, lets users talk to friends while playing games. Its ability to look at your friends list and see what game everyone is currently playing is one of its most well-known features. This is made possible by the Rich Presence feature, which automatically sets your Discord activity to the game you’re playing at the moment, the Spotify song you’re listening to, and more. However, that might quickly start to annoy you if friends keep bugging you to play or the activity is displayed even when the game is accidentally open but minimised. We are here to assist you in averting this circumstance and regaining control over your privacy. Now that you know how to do it, Discord won’t show what game you’re playing. You can play your favourite games in peace by using this guide to hide your current game activity from servers.

Hide What Game You re Playing on Discord (2022)

The steps to disable game activity for your Discord account on desktop and mobile are included in this guide. Let’s get started. We also cover how to stop displaying the game you’re playing on specific servers.

Stop Showing What Game You re Playing on Discord (Windows)

First, we’ll go over how to prevent Discord from displaying the game you’re currently playing on the entire platform, including servers and your friends list. The Windows, Mac, and Linux apps as well as the Discord web app support this technique. The steps you must take are as follows:

1. Open Discord and click the cog icon next to your username in the bottom left corner to access Settings.

2. Scroll down to Settings and select Activity Privacy from the left sidebar.

3. Next, turn off the right pane’s Display current activity as a status message toggle to keep others on Discord from seeing what game you’re currently playing.

Notably, if you disable this function, Spotify, public Discord Stages you participate in, and other apps that enable Rich Presence will no longer display your activity status in Discord. If you didn’t know, you can link Spotify and Discord to let other users on the servers you’re a member of see what music you’re now listening to.

4. You may also decide whether or not the large Fornite or Minecraft Discord servers you join in the future should be able to see your game activities. On the same settings screen, you can turn off the Share your activity status by default when joining large servers option if you don’t want others to know what you’re playing.

If you want to apply the new setting to existing servers, you will get a Server Privacy confirmation window; choose the appropriate choice. The end of that. You have successfully adjusted your privacy settings so that Discord no longer displays the games you are currently playing.

Remove Games from Showing in Discord Status Manually

You can now select to remove the games that were previously displayed in the activity status on Discord in addition to adjusting the privacy settings. The process is as follows:

1. Choose Registered Games in the left sidebar of the Discord settings page.

2. Then, click the red X icon that appears in the upper right corner of the game you desire to delete by hovering over it.

Don t Show the Game You re Playing in Individual Discord Servers

Now, it’s possible that you’d prefer to stop the game activity function solely on a few specific servers rather than the entire platform. You can easily cease identifying the game you’re playing on that specific server by doing that. Your current activity will still be visible to your friends and other users on servers you have joined.

If you’re interested, here’s how you can prevent specific Discord servers from seeing what game you’re currently playing:

1. Visit the server where you want to disable your activity status and click on the server name in the upper left-hand corner.

2. Click the Privacy Settings option in the dropdown menu that appears.

3. Disable the Activity Status toggle just as we did in the first section. This will stop other players on the chosen server from knowing what game you’re playing. Everywhere else in the chat app will be able to see what you’ve been doing.

Stop Sharing Your Activity on Discord Mobile (Android and iOS)

While using Discord on an iPhone or Android device to chat with friends while gaming, the software doesn’t display the name of the mobile game under “Activity Status.” Users must set up and use an exclusive Discord integration on Samsung Galaxy phones for it to occur. Yeah, you can’t see the mobile game you’re playing from your friends or other users on the servers you’re a part of.

But, it will appear as a status to other Discord users if you join a public Stage from your mobile device to listen to a speech or chat. You can conceal this status if you wish to maintain your privacy on the network. This is how:

1. Launch the Discord mobile app, then click the “Your Profile” icon in the bottom navigation bar. Then, choose Privacy & Safety Settings.

2. Disable the Show current activity as a status message toggle within the Privacy & Safety settings page. The end of that.

The setting will immediately be applied to your account on mobile if you followed this guide to hide your activity status on the Discord desktop or web apps. This function doesn’t need to be turned off separately on the two platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Discord reveal your online activities?

Discord automatically displays the software you’re running or the games you’re currently playing on your computer (if you add it manually). Discord does not, however, display the internet address of the website you are visiting. Even when you’re speaking in a voice channel or have the Discord app open in the background while you’re browsing the internet, your privacy is protected. There is no need to be concerned that other Discord users may be able to see the websites you visit.

Does Discord track your activity on Chrome?

No, Discord does not immediately show your friends and other users on a server what you are surfing on Chrome. You can, however, choose to indicate in the activity status that you are using Google Chrome. Using Settings -> Registered Games -> Not seeing your app?, you must manually add the app. Add it! choice Then, users on Discord will see your status as Playing Google Chrome.

Does Discord display the mobile game you’re playing?

No, Discord does not display the apps or games you are using on your iPhone or Android device. Yet the Discord app immediately makes you visible to all users anytime you join a public Stage channel. Also, you may utilise our guide to discover how to create a custom Discord status.

Does Discord identify the game you’re playing when you’re hidden?

If you change your status to invisible, the app won’t display the game you’re playing, according to a confirmation from Discord on Twitter. So certainly, you could easily become invisible and enjoy your favourite games in peace without worrying about people spying on you or pestering you to join their party.

Hide Game Activity and Become Invisible on Discord

So, sure, those are all the ways to cease identifying the game you’re playing on Discord to other users and to hide your game activity. This is a fantastic privacy feature that enables you to protect yourself not just from nosy players but also from online stalkers. To further secure your account, we also advise you to turn on two-factor authentication on Discord. Also, you may use this tool to create unique stickers for Discord or stream Netflix on Discord to watch TV episodes and movies with pals. This concludes this guide. Let us know in the comments section below if you have any questions.