How to Stop Spotify from Draining Your iPhone Battery

Although unexpected battery drain concerns on iPhone are nothing new, recent reports from a sizable number of Spotify customers concerning quick battery drain on iOS drew my attention. While some people stated that Spotify consumes roughly 30% battery life in just 30 minutes, others claimed that the music streaming software consumes more than 50% of their iPhone’s battery life. Due to the problem’s widespread occurrence, the leading streaming service acknowledged it and is presently looking into it. Recent iOS upgrades, such as iOS 14.8 and iOS 15, are more likely to have it. While an official fix is being developed, consider these six suggestions to stop Spotify from zapping your iPhone’s battery.

Prevent Spotify from Draining Your iPhone Battery (2021)

What might be the cause of iOS 15’s rapid battery drain caused by Spotify? The issue here appears to be a software bug. Therefore, the only item that could provide a long-term solution to the problem is a software update. On the other hand, you shouldn’t ignore the obsolete software and power-hungry features that are infamous for causing strange problems. In any case, there is no need to worry yourself to sleep about it because there are some efficient ways to fix the problem. Let’s get right to the point now with that in mind!

1. Disable Background App Refresh for Spotify

Experience has shown me that background app refresh and battery depletion go hand in hand. This resource-intensive feature has the potential to unexpectedly drain your iPhone’s battery if you don’t manage it. Don’t misunderstand me! Background app refresh has a purpose and is crucial to the efficient operation of apps on your iOS device. But the constant background refresh wears down the battery, especially in the case of an old iPhone, eventually leading to problems like increased battery consumption and iPhone overheating.

Therefore, you can disable background app refresh for Spotify as advised by Spotify forum administrators to stop the power depletion issue on your iPhone. Toggle off the switch next to Spotify by going to Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh.

2. Force Kill Spotify and Hard Reset iPhone

If the initial workaround for the Spotify battery depletion issue on iOS 15 or iOS 14.8 didn’t work, hard reset your iPhone and force-quit the Spotify app (if it’s open).

  • On iPhone with Face ID: Swipe up from the home bar and stop along the middle of the screen. Then, swipe up the Spotify app card to force quit the app.
  • On iPhone with Touch ID: Double press the Home button and then swipe up on the Spotify app card to kill the app.

Following that, we advise you to hard reset your iPhone without losing any data. Not surprisingly, it has proven to be a lifesaver for fixing frequent iOS issues.

  • On iPhone 8 and later: Press and release the volume up button. After that, press and release the volume down button. Next up, hold down the side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.
Image courtesy: Apple
  • On iPhone 7/ 7 Plus: Press and hold both the side button and volume down button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • On iPhone 6s/ 6s Plus: Hold down the side button and home button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

3. Declutter Spotify by Deleting Cache

In order to prevent my iPhone storage from filling up, I prefer to periodically clean the cache of my apps. It not only keeps the clutter at bay but also aids in the smooth operation of programmes. I advise trying out this tried-and-true method to see whether it fixes Spotify’s battery drain issue on your iOS 14.8 or iOS 15 smartphone. Do not worry; it will not delete your downloads.

On your iPhone, navigate to the Spotify app and hit the settings symbol in the top right corner of the screen. Afterward, go to Storage->Delete Cache. To confirm your decision, click Delete cache again in the pop-up window.

4. Update Spotify App on Your iPhone

If you haven’t updated Spotify on your iPhone in a while, there’s a significant likelihood that the problem stems from an out-of-date version of the programme. In that situation, we advise updating the app to the most recent version.

Open the App Store, then tap on the profile symbol in the top right corner of the screen to accomplish this. Tap the update button next to Spotify after you’ve located it.

5. Delete and Reinstall Spotify

Reinstalling Spotify on your iPhone after deleting it is another effective fix you should try to alleviate the power drain issue with the streaming software. Yes, that’s a bold approach, but it works well for resolving app-related bugs. Remember that removing the programme will also remove all of its data. To continue, long-press the Spotify icon and select Remove App > Delete App.

6. Update iPhone Software

Apple provides software upgrades for iOS 15 to enhance overall efficiency and address various problems that occasionally occur. So yeah, updating the iPhone is usually a good idea. Make sure to update to iOS 15 (Settings -> General -> Software Update) if your smartphone is still running iOS 14.8, which was officially launched in September 2021.

If you are already on iOS 15, hold off until the subsequent release. You might not have to wait very long because Apple releases upgrades on a regular basis.

Troubleshoot Spotify Battery Drain Problem on iOS 15 and iOS 14.8

The end! Hopefully Spotify is now acting normally and not significantly draining the battery on your iOS 15 mobile. The biggest music streaming service has already acknowledged the problem with battery life, so a formal fix might be just around the road. You can upgrade the app to fix the problem as soon as it is released. Do you have any questions or concerns concerning the aforementioned advice, btw? If so, feel free to share your opinions with us in the section below.