How to Take a Screenshot in Netflix

How frequently does a movie have dialogue that is worth sharing? If you enjoy watching movies, it can occur frequently. You might want to share some of the fantastic dialogue from films like Fight Club, The Godfather, and The Shawshank Redemption with your pals. Taking a screenshot with active subtitles is the most effective way to do this. Or, if it’s a lengthy chat, you can add the text later. However, OTT services like Netflix forbid us from taking screenshots of protected content. We’ll learn how to screenshot Netflix on a variety of devices today. This article will also cover more resources for finding movie stills that you can use. So without further ado, let’s get started.

4 Ways to Take Screenshot on Netflix (2022)

Digital Rights Management forbids us from capturing screenshots of Netflix (DRM). Copyright material can be safeguarded against piracy on digital platforms using DRM. Even so, we can change the graphic settings to get around the DRM restrictions. Please be aware that we do not advise recording your screen or taking screenshots of Netflix for profit. Distributing copyrighted material without the owner’s consent is illegal. However, as long as you keep the screenshot to yourself or among a small group, you won’t encounter any issues. On that point, let’s examine the various methods for taking screenshots.

How to Screenshot Netflix on Browser

There are several ways to use a browser to snap a screenshot on Netflix. On a Windows or Mac computer, this technique performs best. It will link you to the app if you attempt to access a Netflix episode through a mobile browser. Any browser with the sandbox application or Chrome on Windows will work with the techniques listed below. Let’s look at how to take a screenshot of Netflix on a Mac or Windows device.

Take Netflix Screenshot on Mac

You’re in luck if you use a Mac. The native screenshot tool for macOS can simply take screenshots of Netflix video without any problems, in contrast to Windows, where Netflix easily recognises the screenshot tool and blacks out the screen.

You may easily share your favourite lines from movies and TV series with your friends by taking a full screenshot on your Mac with the shortcut command + shift + 3. Additionally, you can check at our comprehensive guide to taking screenshots on a Mac.

Take Netflix Screenshot using a Sandbox Application

A sandboxed environment is one created specifically for an application to operate in. By restricting its contact with external sources or other system programmes, a sandbox application allows any desired programme to run in an isolated system. The performance of the app won’t be impacted by any changes performed while the programme is protected inside a sandbox. In order to avoid malware harm, it is mostly used to test apps in a confined environment. Furthermore, you can use applications without being concerned about how other apps would impact their performance. For instance, a sandboxed browser would restrict the usage of your system’s graphic capabilities, which is precisely what is needed to take a Netflix movie still.

I showed the process using the Sandboxie-Plus programme. It is a Windows application that is open-source. The app may be downloaded from the official website right here. Let’s look at how to use a sandbox application to run a browser.

  • Download and install the Sandboxie-Plus application from the link mentioned above.
  • Open the Sandboxie-Plus application, and click on Sandbox.
  • Now, navigate to Sandbox>DefaultBox>Run Sandboxed>Run Web Browser.
  • It will launch your default browser in the sandboxed environment. You can verify it by seeing the yellow border around the browser. Hover on your screen edges if you don t see the yellow border at first.
  • Then, open in the browser tab, and open any movie/show you wish to capture.
  • Now, press Windows key+Prtscn to capture a screenshot.

A screenshot should be taken by your computer and saved in the default screenshot folder. Without a sandbox programme, using the screenshot shortcut to screenshot Netflix will result in a blank screen. However, taking a screenshot while maintaining the video output is possible when the browser is running in a sandbox.

Turning Off Hardware Acceleration

All widely used browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge, support hardware acceleration. The function shifts some of the workload away from your CPU and onto other hardware, such as a GPU. On a hardware level, a graphics processing unit performs demanding graphics-related tasks. Consequently, your system will save a lot of computing resources.

For faster video loading on video streaming providers, web developers are incorporating the hardware acceleration capability. In rare situations, they can also use cryptographic acceleration to safeguard the copyright content. I won’t go into technical details, but disabling hardware acceleration in your browser fixes the Netflix snapshot issue that causes a dark screen. Google Chrome was utilised for the demonstration. The settings, however, are the same for all browsers. The capability also functions flawlessly on Mac and Windows computers. Watch this video to learn how to disable hardware acceleration in your browser so you can screen record Netflix.

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Click on the More Options button (Three vertical dots on the top-right corner), and go to Settings.
  • Search for Hardware Acceleration in the settings search box. Or, navigate to Advanced>System.
  • Toggle the feature saying, Use hardware acceleration when available. Keep the switch to the left side, which is the off position.
  • If the function was already disabled, try enabling and disabling it again. Then, relaunch your browser.

Open now and attempt to screenshot your preferred programme by pressing Windows key+Print Screen on a Windows PC or Shift+Command+3 on a Mac. You should no longer see a black screen on Chrome, and the video material on the capture should now be visible.

How to Take Screenshot on Netflix in Windows 11/10 PC

When you try to take a screenshot, the Windows shortcut functions properly. The snipping tool or other third-party screen capture programmes like SnagIt are other options. However, the issue with the blank screen continues, rendering your screenshot useless. Your graphics card is necessary for Netflix to run smoothly and to protect content by displaying a black screen. As a result, turning off your graphics driver will fix the issue. Let’s examine the procedure.

  • Click on the search box and type Device manager, and open the Device Manager.
  • Click on Display adapters.
  • Right-click on it and select Disable device.
  • Confirm your choice on the next pop-up.

Your computer’s graphics card will be turned off. Now that the Netflix software is open on your Windows PC, you can snap a screenshot of the programme or film that you desire. Keep in mind that it will also obstruct numerous Windows processes. You might have trouble running demanding graphic programmes like Photoshop or playing games. I advise you to turn on the graphics card again as soon as you get your screenshot. To accomplish this, repeat the procedures from before and select Enable device.

How to Take Netflix Screenshot on Android Phone

With each release, Android developers continuously enhancing the OS’s security. Additionally, some apps prevent screenshots by using secure permissions. Applications like Netflix, Disney+, Snapchat, and others are included. Even so, there are techniques you can employ to capture such encrypted apps. One method is to connect your phone to a computer and mirror your phone using ADB tools. However, it is a time-consuming operation, thus it is preferable to take a screenshot through a computer software or browser.

In order to take a screenshot using the second technique, you must first root your Android device and then patch the application. To learn more, read our guide on how to circumvent limitations and snap a screenshot on an Android device. Then, by hitting the Volume Down+Power buttons simultaneously, you can quickly take a screenshot using the standard way. Many rooting techniques are simple to use and effective.

Still, there are a few drawbacks to rooting your smartphone, so I advise you to use a different technique if you want to screenshot Netflix. Rooting your Android could be a fantastic choice if you don’t mind the effort and want to take advantage of the additional functions that come with it. Still, using the browser is a lot faster and easier option if all you want to do is snap a screenshot.

Note: Several third party apps assert to be able to work for taking screenshots of Netflix. However, none of the apps we tried out were functional, therefore we do not advise downloading them.

How to Take Netflix Screenshot on iPhone

The iPhone and other iOS devices have the strictest DRM policies of any other operating system. Use the Power+Home button to snap a screenshot of a Netflix programme. You will nonetheless get the black screen error. Your iPhone may be able to assist you get around some limitations if you jailbreak it. However, it is a time-consuming technique that has a lot of drawbacks.

Why Netflix Doesn t Allow Taking Screenshots

Netflix actively discourages users from taking screenshots or accessing the service from other countries. Since one can utilise screen capturing software and disseminate copyright content, all of these actions are viewed as unethical. In addition, Netflix encourages consumers to stream as frequently as they can. Netflix would benefit much more from watching a film or television programme to hear the dialogue than from viewing a screenshot with text on it. Netflix opposes the use of any screen recording capability in order to preserve copyright content and provide artists and producers with fair compensation for their work. I advise against using the methods described above for commercial gain because doing so is considered piracy and you could face legal repercussions under the laws of your nation.

Alternatives to Taking Netflix Screenshot is one of the best alternatives to movie stills for your project. The most comprehensive collection of high-definition movie stills is available to filmmakers on ShotDeck. You could also use it to your projects. Any actor, movie, activity (such as flying or driving), or object (such as a car or a forest) can be searched for. The movie stills also provide technical information, such as the colour scheme utilised in the scene, the style of shot, the lens employed, and many other elements.

Using Shotdeck is beneficial if you are a movie enthusiast trying to learn movie-making. All details related to a movie, from directors to costume designers, is available on this website. Besides, you understand how different directors use various methods to showcase their emotions in a scene.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Netflix block screenshots?

Modern applications and operating systems use DRM encoding to protect copyright content. Netflix depends on your computer or mobile graphic chip to execute the protection properly. Netflix allows you to take a screenshot on any device. However, it blacks out the screen when you try to record it. You can bypass the restrictions by tweaking the graphic permissions on your device.

Can you screen-record Netflix on the phone?

Recording Netflix content on a smartphone is more difficult than doing it on a computer. You have to rely on bypassing the system OS security by rooting your Android and jailbreaking your iOS device. Besides, you will need to use a third-party app to ensure you are not getting the black screen problem.

Easily Take Netflix Screenshots on PC and Mac

Although Netflix tries hard to protect the copyright content, there are multiple ways you can take a screenshot on Netflix. However, always keep in mind that doing so is a criminal offense, and you should not distribute any such screenshot or screen recording. This article discussed the possibilities of taking a screenshot on Netflix using a browser, Windows computer, Android, and iOS device. I hope you find the methods mentioned here useful. Feel free to comment down any queries you have related to the topic.