How to Take Photos From Fingerprint Scanner on Any Android Device

Nowadays, whether they are high-end or low-end smartphones, fingerprint scanners are a standard feature. They are quite useful for authenticating purchases and unlocking your smartphone, but as the new Pixel smartphones shown, there are many additional use for them. On Pixel devices, the fingerprint scanner may be used to lower the notification shade, while on Xiaomi Mi devices, it can be used as a shutter to take pictures. If you’ve been wondering if you can get this feature on your Android smartphone, the good news is that you can. It’s especially useful for snapping selfies. Without further ado, here’s how to use the fingerprint reader on any Android smartphone to capture photos:

1. You must download the Dactyl Fingerprint Camera app from the Play Store. The app has a free trial that allows for 10 uses; after that, you must purchase the full version ($1.99).

2. When you start the app after it has been installed on your smartphone, it will greet you and show you a variety of informational slides.

3. The app’s main page lists the several camera apps it supports and includes a button to open the settings page so you can grant it accessibility permissions.

4. You can scroll down to see the Dactyl-supported camera apps, and you can tap the Unsupported Apps icon to see the apps that the fingerprint camera app does not support. Via the Request New App button, you can ask the developer to support your preferred camera app as well.

5. When you open the camera app on your device after granting the app access, you should see a notice that reads, “Dactyl service operating.”

6. To take a snapshot, simply place your finger on the fingerprint sensor as you would to unlock your phone.

The Dactyl Fingerprint Camera software performs admirably and is really helpful when snapping a selfie, especially if your Android smartphone’s fingerprint scanner is on the back.

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Use fingerprint scanner as a shutter on your Android smartphone

That was actually quite simple, wasn’t it? Simply install Dactyl to begin using your fingerprint scanner to take pictures. Although it’s straightforward, if you do have any difficulties, please let us know in the comments area below. Please let us know if you discover any other inventive methods to use the fingerprint scanner on your smartphone.