How to Take Screenshots on Snapchat Without Notifying Sender

Almost everything that social media stands for is opposed by the social media app Snapchat. The messages, memories, or photographs cannot be saved, and if you attempt to grab a screenshot, Snapchat notifies the sender of your action. Basically, Snapchat’s core value is privacy. Some people, however, desire to store such memories so they can revisit them in the future or so they can save vital information. You understand, right? Anyway, we’ve revealed some inventive techniques for you to screenshot messages on Snapchat without alerting the sender. Both Android and iOS device techniques have been covered. With that said, let’s get started.

Take Screenshots on Snapchat Without Notifying Sender

  • Taking Snapchat Screenshot on Android Devices

Clearing the cache on Android had the great side-effect of preventing Snapchat from detecting screenshots. Sadly, it is no longer functional. In that case, we present to you yet another clever Snapchat screenshotting technique. We’re going to use Google Assistant’s genuine power to fool Snapchat. Here’s how to go about it. Simply ask Ok Google to take a screenshot. The screenshot can then be shared with other apps or saved to Google Photos. In this manner, Snapchat won’t be able to recognise the screenshot capture.

Additionally, if you use an LG smartphone, you may screenshot Snapchat by using the Capture+ option on the navigation bar. No one is notified by this function that a screenshot has been taken. From Settings -> General tab -> Shortcut Keys, you can enable it. Use the S Pen’s Smart Select feature if you have a Samsung Galaxy Note device. On Huawei and Honor devices, you can snap screenshots using the knuckle gesture, and Snapchat won’t be able to recognise it. It functions perfectly.

  • Taking Snapchat Screenshot on iPhone

1. Clear Cache Method

The clear cache method no longer functions on iPhones, just like it does on Android. Apple and Snapchat are constantly working to quickly close any gaps, and this time, they have corrected the most common way to screenshot Snapchat. We tested Snapchat on an iPhone XR running iOS 13, and it was able to recognise the screenshot right away.

2. Using QuickTime Screen Recording on Mac

Apple has also solved a different well-known workaround. Now, when you connect your iPhone to a Mac and begin screen recording using QuickTime, Snapchat quickly notifies you that your chat was recorded.

3. Using Third-party Screen Recorder Apps

Recording the entire screen was the most effective method for taking screenshots on Snapchat. But now that it’s been corrected, you can’t record the screen without telling the sender. Even screen recording from third-party recorders can be picked up by Snapchat.

4. Using Another Device

We are left with using a different device to take pictures of Snapchat conversations and memories now that all other options have been exhausted. There is no DRM protection present, therefore you are free to take any films or pictures you wish! In conclusion, you cannot now screenshot Snapchat on iOS without alerting the sender without jailbreaking and making dozens of other changes.

Take Screenshots on Snapchat Without Them Knowing

So there you have it—our guide to taking a screenshot on Snapchat secretly. As you can see, you can still snap a screenshot of Snapchat on Android by using Google Assistant, but on iOS, you are unable to do so. Apple takes privacy very seriously, and their product reflects this. Anyhow, we’ll let you know as soon as we discover a fresh workaround that genuinely functions on iPhones. Please let us know in the comment area below if you have any tips up your sleeve that are foolproof.