How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft Bedrock and Java Edition

You can either be a wolf person or a cat person when playing Minecraft. This information is for you if you do not belong to the latter group. In addition to being adorable, cats in Minecraft may deter mobs, provide quick loot, and liven up your home. We are here to show you how to tame a cat in Minecraft because of this. That’s not all, though. Additionally, we’ll go through how to spawn a cat in Minecraft and how to find your feline spouse. Our manual is compatible with Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions as well as the future 1.19 release. So let’s go get a cat in Minecraft and tame it right away!

Tame a Cat in Minecraft (2022)

One of the many inactive creatures that the player can interact with in Minecraft is cats. The game features many mechanics built around them. So that you can comprehend cats in Minecraft better, we have separated our tutorial into various sections. To learn more about cats in depth, utilise the table below:

Where to Find Cats in Minecraft

A cat typically appears in the game of Minecraft every minute. But only if the area is near a village and has less than five cats. The closest two chunks to the player are used by Minecraft as the location. Typically, a cat can be found in the following places:

  • Villages
  • Swamp Huts


If a village in Minecraft has at least five beds, cats can be found there. In the Bedrock edition, four beds are needed. These beds must be claimed, meaning someone from the village must have slept there the night before. The village cats can be any colour at random. One-quarter of these cats may be kittens or young cats.

Witch Swamp Huts

In Minecraft, at least one cat spawns in every marsh cabin. This cat is usually black in hue, and by surrounding it with a grass block, you can cause more of these cats to spawn in the hut. On the Java version, however, such spawning doesn’t take place when a cat is already within 16 blocks of the hut.

How to Spawn a Black Cat in Minecraft

In Minecraft, there are 11 different cat breeds: tabby, tuxedo, red, siamese, British shorthair, calico, Persian, Jellie, ragdoll, white, and black. The siamese cat skin in Minecraft is the rarest of the game’s 11 cat breeds or skins.

You can now manually set up the environment so that a black cat will spawn from these. Black cats can reproduce under two situations:

  • If the spawn area is inside or around 16 blocks horizontal radius of a swamp hut, every spawned cat in that area will be black.
  • When a cat spawns during the night, there s a 50% chance of it being black.

How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft

In Minecraft, taming a cat is comparable to taming a wolf. Just keep feeding it until a collar starts to form around its neck. Therefore, if you do the following, the cat will be yours in no time:

To catch fish, you must first travel to a nearby body of water. Cats in Minecraft adore eating raw salmon and raw cod. To manually locate and gather food for the cat, you can dive into the river or use a fishing rod.

2. The next step is to approach an errant or wild cat gently.

A cat that has already been tamed by another player cannot be re-tamed.

What Does a Tamed Cat Do

3. Lastly, you must right-click a cat or use the secondary action key on it to give it raw salmon or raw cod in order to tame it in Minecraft. You may need three to four fish to complete the procedure, but you must keep feeding the cat until hearts start to appear on the top of its head. Once the cat begins to follow you around, you will know that you have successfully tamed it.

As was already mentioned, once the cat is domesticated, it will wear a collar around its neck. The secondary action key on it can then be used to command the cat to sit. Until you give it the go-ahead to move, it will stay put. If your cat isn’t sitting, it will wander around your immediate vicinity. It can scale beds, chests, and even blazing fires.

Gifts for Players

Do keep in mind that cats can’t attack other hostile mobs like wolves can. However, it doesn’t follow that you have to shield them. In Minecraft, all cats are immune to the effects of falls. Thecreeper and the phantom are both frightened of cats. Thus, the cat occasionally serves as your bodyguard.

  • Rabbit s foot
  • Rabbit hide
  • String
  • Rotten Flesh
  • Feather
  • Raw Chicken
  • Phantom Membrane

The capacity of cats to bestow presents upon the player in Minecraft is a shockingly underappreciated trait. A player may wake up to find a dropped item if they slept next to a tamed cat. However, if the cat is told to sit or if the player is sleeping through a daylight thunderstorm, this won’t function. One of the following things may be the cat’s gift to you:

Find and Tame a Cat in Minecraft Today

According to the Minecraft Wiki, there is an almost 70% probability of getting a gift from the cat. However, the phantom membrane has the smallest chance of spawning out of all the giftable objects.