How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft Java and Bedrock

There are many wild creatures in Minecraft, but none are as unpredictable as the fox. They are swift, little, and like robbing gamers of their belongings. Additionally, one of the nicest additions you can make to your home in Minecraft is a fox. But you can only do that once you become friends with them. We will now discuss how to tame a fox in Minecraft so that it stays by your side. Both Minecraft Java and Bedrockedition support our methodology. But getting it right can take some time. So let’s get to work right now and learn how to tame a fox in Minecraft!

Breed and Tame a Fox in Minecraft (2022)

Because taming a fox requires several steps, we have separated our tutorial into several simple-to-follow sections. To learn more about each of them at your convenience, consult the table below.

Where to Find Foxes in Minecraft

You must first locate a fox in your Minecraft environment before you can train it. Fortunately, it’s a rather simple procedure. The following Minecraft biomes are where foxes typically spawn:

  • Grove
  • Snowy Taiga
  • Old Growth Pine Taiga
  • Old Growth Spruce Taiga
  • Taiga

They spawn in these biomes as packs of two to four foxes. Babies of these foxes are extremely uncommon, occurring in only 5% of them. If there are no foxes in these biomes’ wild areas, you should wait at a neighbouring hamlet. Foxes occasionally spend the night in adjacent communities in search of chickens.

Types of Foxes in Minecraft

There are two different fox breeds in Minecraft.

What Do Minecraft Foxes Eat

Arctic and Red Foxes. There are no differences between the two fox variations besides graphics and spawning. The white or arctic foxes are far more uncommon and only spawn in the icy biomes of Minecraft.

  • Sweet berries
  • Glow berries

In order to tame a fox in Minecraft, we first need to gather its preferred food. Foxes in Minecraft consume the following foods:

How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft

Both of these foods aid in the foxes’ recovery and even help them begin their breeding cycle. The lush caves of Minecraft are typically where you may find glow berries. In the meanwhile, the taiga and its variation biomes frequently spawn the sweet berries as bushes.

How to Breed Foxes in Minecraft

The procedure of taming a fox in Minecraft is distinct from other taming methods. You cannot directly feed the fox to tame it, in contrast to the method used to tame a cat or an axolotl in Minecraft. Instead, you must first acquire a baby fox before you can tame it. So let’s discuss each step of this process separately.

Feed glow berries or sweet berries to two foxes that are close to one another in order to breed foxes. These foxes will reproduce and produce a young fox. Similar to its parents, the newborn has the same variation. The baby has a 50% chance of spawning as either parent if its parents are of different variations.

How to Gain a Fox s Trust

The tiny fox then follows and concentrates on the adult foxes nearby, just like in the real world. However, if we obstruct this process by removing the infant sufficiently from its parents, it will instead follow and have faith in you.

There are two ways to win over a newborn fox once it spawns. The first option is to use alead to transport the young fox before it matures far from adult foxes. Simply right-click the fox or press the secondary action key to fasten the lead to it.

You need one slimeball, four strings, and four strings to make a lead. To produce lead in Minecraft, use the following recipe:

Best Features of a Tamed Fox

There is also a forceful method to tame young foxes if you are unable to obtain a lead. Before the baby fox grows up, you must use a ranged assault to kill the adult foxes in this situation.

  • Tamed foxes run away from wild wolves and polar bears. But if the wolf is tamed, the fox doesn t retreat from it.
  • If a mob attacks the player, the tamed foxes attack that mob. But this doesn t happen if that hostile mob isn t attacking the player or if the player is attacking that mob.
  • Naturally, foxes attack other smaller mobs, including fishes, chickens, rabbits, and more.
  • Unlike tamed wolves and cats, you can t make the tamed fox sit in one place. But at the same time, it won t run away from seeing you like wild foxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to Get an Item Back From a Fox?

A baby fox matures into a tamed fox if there are no nearby adults. It has faith in and loyalty for the closest competitor. The domesticated fox will have the following traits if the taming procedure is successful:

Q: Should I Trap Foxes Before Breeding Them?

Food is the only thing that matters to a fox, domesticated or not. So, if they take anything valuable from you, all you have to do is scatter glow or delicious berries around the fox. When they are ready to eat, it will drop the object into their mouth.

Q: How Do You Summon an Arctic Fox in Minecraft?

The two foxes don’t need to be trapped before mating. But since they move quickly and are challenging to catch, setting up a boundary around them is not harmful.

Arctic foxes only naturally spawn in Minecraft’s snowy biomes. But if you don’t mind lying, you may generate an arctic fox anywhere in Minecraft by using the following command:

Q: Do Tamed Foxes Follow You in Minecraft?

minecraft summon fox Snow is a type of.

Breed and Tame Foxes in Minecraft Today

Although they are devoted to you, tamed foxes normally don’t depend on the player for their movement. So, in order to bring the fox along on your escapades, you must utilise a lead.