How to Tame and Breed Allay in Minecraft 1.19

The game now has a number of intriguing new additions thanks to the Minecraft 1.19 update, including mangrove swamps, an Ancient City with a warden, frogs, and more. However, the inclusion of Ally in Minecraft 1.19 captured the attention of the community more than anything else. This adorable, amiable mob is gradually emerging as the most dependable companion in the game. There was, however, no simple way to collect more Allays prior to lately (even in the official release) except from travelling and hunting them out in the real world. However, you can now clone Allay in Minecraft to quickly amass hundreds of this charming mob. So with that said, let’s get started and discover how to breed Allay in Minecraft right away!

Breeding Allay in Minecraft: Explained (2022)

Every in-game mob’s breeding procedure is distinct from Allay’s. Therefore, before we can breed the Allay in Minecraft, we must first gather and make several uncommon items. However, you can utilise the table below to jump right to the duplicating process if you are in a creative frame of mind or have adequate resources.

Note: Some of the mechanics in this guide may change when the upcoming minor Minecraft 1.19 update is officially released because they are based on the most recent Minecraft Snapshot 22w24a.

What Is an Allay in Minecraft

The Allay is a little passive creature that spawns in pillager cages in Minecraft, in case you haven’t encountered it yet. The Allay is released and flies around until a player provides it something to hold.

When a player offers the Allay an item, it makes an effort to locate duplicates of that item in your environment and gather them for the player. You may use Allay in a variety of ways in your Minecraft environment thanks to this practical mechanic. An Allay can be used in the following ways:

  • Every Allay in the game can be connected to note blocks. So, you can use Allay to replace hoppers and water in Minecraft s item collection systems.
  • Most storage systems fail when you use them with a moving Redstone machine. Only the Allays can keep up.
  • At the moment, there is no way to sort non-stackable items in Minecraft other than using multiple Allays.
  • In sculk XP farms or other regular farms, the Allay can quickly collect targeted items when a mob dies.
  • Lastly, Allay is also an aesthetic addition to the game, and as you will see later, it even dances to music in-game. So, having it around your Minecraft house can cheer up the atmosphere.

How to Tame an Allay in Minecraft

Technically speaking, taming an Allay is impossible in Minecraft. However, you must hand Allay an item if you want this mob to follow you about like domesticated mobs do. Any ordinary object, like a button, or even an uncommon one, like a diamond, can be used to complete the task.

But if you return the item to the Allay, it will fly off and stop pursuing you. Allay can be restrained with a leash if you like to stop it from escaping even when it isn’t carrying anything. To keep it around, you can alternatively decide to switch it out and give Allay an other object.

Items Required to Breed or Duplicate an Allay

Now that its utility has been established, have a look at the list of materials required in Minecraft to breed or clone an Allay:

  • An Allay
  • An Amethyst Shard
  • A Jukebox
  • Any music disc

To find Allay in Minecraft and learn the biomes and constructions they spawn in, use our guide. Don’t forget to give the Allay something random so that it will continue to follow you. You might also tie a lead around Allay’s neck as an alternative. Let’s learn how to obtain the other goods on this list right away.

How to Obtain Amethyst Shard

The following methods in Minecraft allow you to obtain an amethyst shard:

  • Looting chests in the Ancient City
  • Breaking an Amethyst cluster with any tool

Use our top Ancient city seeds to quickly locate a chest if you wish to explore the ones in Ancient cities. Finding an amethyst geode is necessary before you can mine an amethyst cluster. It is an overworld terrain feature that resembles a shell and generates below world heights of Y=30 and Y=-64.

Minecraft Jukebox Crafting Recipe

In Minecraft, making a jukebox is simple. Utilizing the ingredients listed above, assemble the crafting table with eight wooden planks and a diamond. The wood used for the wooden boards should not even match (as we have shown in the screenshot). Additionally, you may quickly find diamonds in your globe by using our guidance.

Not to mention, a note block has nothing to do with the way Allay is bred in Minecraft, so don’t confuse it with a jukebox. The jukebox will then need a music disc to play.

How to Get a Music Disc

Allay enjoys listening to music CDs and doesn’t mind which one you are now playing. All it wants to do is dance. So, to complete the task, try to locate any music disc in-game. There are 15 music CDs in Minecraft, and they may be found in the following places:

  • Dungeons
  • Ancient City
  • Woodland Mansion
  • Stronghold
  • Bastion Remnant
  • Buried Treasure

In some cases, if a creeper is killed by a skeleton or stray, it will also drop music CDs. But a much more dependable approach is to search for chests containing music CDs. In Minecraft, you can reproduce or breed an Allay using any of these discs.

How to Duplicate Allay in Minecraft

Allays have two stages in their breeding process: dance and duplication. To breed our Allay in Minecraft, let’s discuss each of them in turn.

How to Make Allay Dance in Minecraft

Allays have a relationship to note blocks, therefore it goes without saying that they enjoy music. This holds true even if we attempt to duplicate the Allay. Therefore, you must bring an Allay close to a jukebox and play a music disc to start the copying process. The Allay starts dancing around the jukebox as soon as it hears music and continues doing so till the music ends.

As shown in the GIF above, the Allay rotates around and sways left to right to the beat of the music. Only when the Allay is within a 10-block radius of the jukebox does this dance mechanism turn on.

Duplicate Allay with Amethyst Shard

Even if it isn’t clutching anything or isn’t attached with a lead, once the Allay starts dancing, it won’t be able to escape from you. So you’re free to dance and let it fly around. Give your dancing Allay an amethyst shard after that.

The Allay will duplicate itself and swallow the amethyst shard rather than keeping it. So, no, you don’t need two Allays to breed the minecraft variant. They can support themselves.

A non-dancing Allay only holds the amethyst shard and seeks to find copies of it if you give it to it. So, before the music stops, you need to give Allay the shard. You can then give both of them random stuff to hold once the new Allay spawns because they won’t fly away even when the music stops.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Minecraft, are I able to breed the same Allay again?

After duplicating an Allay, you must wait at least 2.5 minutes before doing it again.

How many Allays are required for reproduction?

You don’t require two Allays for the duplicating procedure, in contrast to the breeding process for other mobs. To make an identical dancing Allay, all you need is one.

What distinguishes duplication from breeding?

In Minecraft, breeding is the process of producing a baby version of a mob, and it calls for the presence of two adult mobs. You only need one mob for the duplication procedure, though. It develops the same mob into an adult form.

What food consumes Allay?

An amethyst shard aids in duplicating but is not a food item for Allay. Thus, it is unable to heal the Allay. Aside from that, Allay doesn’t require any nourishment because of its capacity for self-healing. Therefore, Allay doesn’t consume any food in Minecraft.

How can Allay be tamed in Minecraft?

To make the Allay and its clone quickly follow you around, you must give them an item.

Which musical CD gets the Allay moving?

Allay enjoys music but doesn’t have a specific taste in it. Any type of music can be played on a Minecraft jukebox to make it dance. Even the grim music disc 5, which is the subject of numerous rumours regarding the Ancient City gateway, has it dancing.

Duplicate Allays to Make Minecraft Farm

Suddenly, you have the ability to quickly raise an entire army of Allays. Whether you refer to it as duplication or breeding, Allay provides one of the simplest ways to make duplicates of itself in Minecraft. When you contrast its breeding procedure with the work required to breed villagers in Minecraft, it seems even simpler. However, don’t disregard Allays due of their straightforward duplicating method. They are just as revolutionary as some of the top Minecraft mods. You don’t trust me? To really grasp the potential of Allays, try using them to build an automated farm in Minecraft. After that, how many Allays can you expect to create in Minecraft? Tell us in the comments section below!