How to Tame and Breed Frogs in Minecraft 1.19

The most intriguing species to ever be added to Minecraft are frogs, which have finally been brought to the game. But the frogs’ unusual breeding habits make them much more fascinating. It is unlike any other mob in the game and, with careful planning, produces rather consistent outcomes. You should be able to tame and breed frogs if you got the Minecraft 1.19 update and intend to visit the recently added mangrove swamps. So let’s discover how to breed frogs in Minecraft 1.19 so that they can deposit eggs that develop into tadpoles in this guide.

Tame and Breed Frogs in Minecraft (2022)

In order to determine whether controlling frogs is even feasible, we must first understand how they work. However, you can skip ahead using the table below if you are more interested in the breeding procedure.

Can You Tame Frogs in Minecraft?

Sadly, taming frogs in Minecraft is not possible. As a result, you cannot tame them in the game the same way you cannot tame foxes, wolves, or cats. However, it doesn’t follow that you can’t keep them in your community. Here are some unconventional techniques for taming frogs:

  • Frogs can jump up to a height of 3 blocks. So you can enclose them in a habitat with a roof or walls that are at least 4 blocks high.
  • Frogs will follow you around if you are holding a slimeball in your hand. With this mechanic, you can easily guide frogs into your Minecraft house or anywhere, just like a tamed mob.
  • Lastly, if nothing else works, you can craft a lead and use it to transport your frog around your world. You can make a boat in Minecraft to transport the frog, but getting it in the boat can be a little tricky.

How to Breed Frogs in Minecraft

Frogs in Minecraft go through the following phases of development:

  • Frogspawn (eggs)
  • Tadpoles
  • Frogs

It’s interesting to note that the frogs don’t have a baby frog variety like other mobs do. The frogs instead lay eggs, or frogspawn as it is known in Minecraft, which eventually hatch into tadpoles. These tadpoles are weak and dependent on water to survive. But if they endure for a sufficient amount of time, we obtain adult frogs that are free to live both on land and in water.

Now that the fundamentals have been covered, you can directly explore each stage of a frog’s existence in Minecraft.

Items Required to Breed Frogs

In order to raise frogs in Minecraft, you simply need the following things:

  • Two Frogs
  • Two Slimeballs
  • A Source of Water

Frogs Love Mode is strongly tied to food, just like other mobs. To get the frogs to reproduce, you must feed them slimeballs. Fortunately, gathering slimeballs doesn’t need you to go far. By killing the hostile mob slime that only spawns at night in the same swamp environment as frogs, you can earn slimeballs.

Frogs only spawn in the game’s swamp biomes (both ordinary and mangrove), so where can you locate them? You can utilise some of the greatest Minecraft mangrove swamp seeds to get started.

How to Make Frogs Lay Eggs in Minecraft

To get two frogs to breed in Minecraft, you must first destroy slime to obtain tiny slimeballs, which are the frog’s diet.

1. When you have enough slimeballs, put your two frogs near a water source and feed one to each of them. Then one of the frogs will approach a body of water and lay eggs, and hearts will appear on top of their heads (frogspawn).

2. Tadpoles are produced after the frogspawn hatches. You can obtain two to six tadpoles from each frogspawn, and it takes approximately ten minutes for them to hatch.

3. Tadpoles spawn after the frogspawn hatches and can only survive in water.

How to Get Different Variants of Frogs

Tadpoles love slimeballs, just like frogs do, and they follow the player who is holding them. Tadpoles have a maximum growth period of 20 minutes before becoming frogs.

The next step after learning how to raise frogs is to breed all different species of frogs. Thankfully, the frog species that develops from a tadpole is unrelated to the parent. Instead, the frogs’ variation is chosen based on the biome in which they are raised. To obtain several frog varieties, follow these steps:

1. First, use three iron ingots and the next crafting recipe to create a bucket:

2. After that, head to your tadpoles and, holding the bucket in your hand, right-click or use the secondary action key on the water. Repeat the procedure and right-click on the tadpole with a bucket of water after that. In the end, you’ll have a pail of tadpoles that you may take anyplace.

Tame and Breed Frogs in Minecraft

3. In the last step, take your tadpole and put it in the biome that corresponds to the type of frog you want. Our guide to discovering frogs in Minecraft includes a comprehensive list of frog species and the biomes that they inhabit. The tadpole will then develop into a frog, at which point nothing else has to be done.