How to Trade Items With Your Friends on Steam

The most widely used digital distribution channel for video games is called Steam. There are countless video games available for you to select from and add to your collection, but it doesn’t stop there. You will use Steam to play multiplayer games with your pals online, among other things. You can even trade in-game stuff using Steam. Yes, although the most of us are aware of the former, not everyone is sufficiently knowledgeable about Steam trading. One of the best features of this massively popular digital distribution store is the ability to trade products with friends, and if you’re eager to test it out, we can make the process much simpler. Let’s look at how to trade stuff with your pals on Steam without further ado:

Trading In-Game Items With Steam Friends

You must first download and instal the Steam client on your PC. It is accessible on PC, Mac, and Linux systems. Follow the simple instructions below to trade your stuff on Steam without any problems after logging in with your Steam account.

  • Once your Steam client loads up, click on View Friends List located at the bottom-right of the window.
  • You ll now see a list of all your Steam friends. You just need to choose the particular friend that you want to trade your in-game items with. You can do this by clicking on the arrow icon located right next to their name. Now, click on Invite to Trade .
  • Once the particular friend accepts your request, you ll be taken to the trading screen, where you ll be able to select the specific game for the whole process.
  • Once chosen, a list of all the items you have for that specific game will show up in your inventory. Now, double click on the particular item that you want to trade with your friend. In this menu, your friend will also be able to add items from his/her inventory to the offerings section. If nothing is offered by your friend, but you still wish to trade, please do note that the item will directly be sent as a gift and you ll receive nothing in return. In order to initiate the trading process, check the box right next to Ready to trade and click on Make Trade .
  • If you have Steam Guard enabled on your account, you will have to verify the trade by clicking Confirm Trade in the e-mail which you received from Steam.

That’s basically how the procedure works, however the swapped stuff won’t appear in your inventory straight away.

When a transaction has been agreed upon by both sides, Steam will hold the deal until the completion date noted on each trade offer. To avoid scams, Steam typically keeps a trade for 15 days. During this time, the trade might be cancelled by either party. However, doing so will cause a 7-day trade cooldown on your account, thus preventing you from making any trade proposals for the following 7 days.

Exchange In-Game Items With Steam Trading

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