How to Turn Off Auto-Playing Thumbnail Preview on YouTube

The YouTube thumbnail preview that automatically plays videos as you scroll can be either a blessing or a curse, depending on who you ask. When a user hovers over the thumbnail, a preview of the video’s content is displayed. But not everyone enjoys viewing a dynamic video while scrolling through the stream. On a mobile device, when you can scroll through the video and turn on the audio from the automatically playing thumbnail preview, it becomes much more unpleasant. So here’s how to disable the YouTube thumbnail preview if you want to stop videos from playing while you navigate.

Turn Off Thumbnail Preview on YouTube (2022)

Turn Off Thumbnail Preview on YouTube (Android and iOS)

1. Launch the YouTube app on your mobile device, then tap the profile icon in the top-right corner. Select Options to view the YouTube settings right now.

2. Select Playback in feeds under General under options to manage YouTube’s home feed autoplay.

3. From the pop-up that displays, select the option to disable feed playback, and that’s all there is to it. When you scroll through the feed, the autoplaying video thumbnails will no longer be there.

Disable Autoplay Thumbnail Preview on YouTube Website

1. Launch YouTube and select your profile image from the top-right menu. Click Settings when the pop-up menu opens.

2. From the left sidebar, select the Playback and performance settings area.

3. To stop videos from playing when you hover over them in YouTube’s home feed, turn off the Inline playback toggle here.

Disable Autoplay Video Previews on YouTube

These are the procedures to turn off autoplay on YouTube. You can visit our linked post if you want to remove your YouTube history in the interim. Don’t forget to read our post on the top YouTube tactics you should be aware of for further advice of this nature.