How to Turn off Flash Messages in iPhone

While flash messages might be helpful, they are more frequently utilised by networks as obtrusive means to force advertisements and other content onto users. Furthermore, these messages are really bothersome and can give users of iPhones a lot of headaches. Therefore, do not worry since we have a solution if you are nearly done with your operator constantly sending flash messages to your phone. On an iPhone, follow these steps to disable flash messaging.

Disable Flash Messages in iPhone (2022)

While the procedures for removing flash messaging on Android vary slightly between operators, they are much simpler for iPhones. Follow along as we go over the detailed instructions for turning off flash messages on an iPhone.

Steps to Turn off Flash SMS (Airtel, Vodafone Idea, Jio, etc)

  • On your iPhone, go to Settings -> Mobile Data -> SIM Applications.
  • Here, you will see options such as Airtel Now! , Airtel Live! . Depending on your network provider, you might see different option such as Flash! . Tap on Airtel Now! , or Flash! if that s the option showing up on your iPhone.
  • Tap on Start/Stop , and then tap on Stop .

Once flash messages have been disabled for you, you will receive a confirmation, and you may relax.

What to Do if Flash Messages are Still Not Gone?

Even though this is uncommon, it can be frustrating if you have followed all of our instructions, gotten the confirmation, and are still receiving flash messages. At this point, your only option is to get in touch with your carrier’s customer service and request that they turn off flash messages for you.

Numbers for customer service

  • Airtel: 121
  • Vodafone Idea: 198
  • Reliance Jio: 198
  • BSNL: 1800 180 1503

Easily Turn off Annoying Flash Messages on Your iPhone

The one bright spot is that it is at least simple to stop flash messages and the Your SIM played a tone notifications on iPhone, even though they are incredibly unpleasant and infuriating. Hopefully you were able to follow these instructions, and now your operator isn’t sending you flash notifications. If you are, getting in touch with customer service should help. So, do you have flash messaging turned off on your iPhone? Are there any more techniques to stop flash messages that we ought to mention in our article? Please tell us in the comments.