How to Turn Off PS5 DualSense Controller

The PlayStation 5’s sDualSense controller is a significant improvement over the model before it. It adds new haptics, a Create button with extra features, and other things. You might be concerned that your controller’s battery would drain more quickly than the DualShock 4 due to all of those new vibration motors and adaptive triggers. Personally, whenever I leave my PS5 to download games or updates, I automatically switch off the controller. Here’s how to turn off the PS5 DualSense controller if you also want to increase its battery life.

Turn Off DualSense Controller

You can disable your PS5 DualSense controller in a few different methods. All of those techniques will be covered in this post, allowing you to choose the one that best meets your requirements at any given time.

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Shut Down Controller Automatically

YourPlayStationcontroller has a built-in feature that, by default, will switch it off automatically after a period of inactivity. This, as you might imagine, is done to prevent the controller from idly wasting its power when it isn’t being used to play games or navigate the PS5 UI.

The steps listed below can be used to change how long the controller remains on when not in use:

  • Go to Settings -> System
  • Scroll down to Power Saving and select Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off .
  • You can now choose between 10 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes for the auto-turn off feature.

Shut Down PS5 Controller Manually

Even though the automated turn-off feature is often effective, there may be times when you need to turn off your PS5 DualSense controller right away. There are two options available to you for that.

Through Control Center, disable DualSense

Using the control centre on your PS5 to turn off your controller is the first and simpler option. This is how:

  • Press the PS button on the controller to bring up the control center.
  • Here, scroll over to the icon that looks like a controller and press X .
  • Select Wireless Controller and press X
  • Now select Turn Off and press X to turn off the controller.

Disable DualSense by going to Settings

Additionally, you can access the settings and disable the DualSense controller.

  • Go to Settings -> Accessories.
  • Under General, select Turn Off Accessories .
  • Select Wireless Controller and it will immediately turn off your controller.

Turn off Your PS5 Controller to Save Battery

Since Sony only includes one DualSense controller in the box, it’s kind of vital to get the most use out of its battery before you have to charge it again. This is true even if the DualSense controller has a relatively good battery life. So that the DualSense controller can protect the battery, it’s a good idea to switch it off.

So, how frequently do you turn off your console’s controllers? Please tell us in the comments. Don’t forget to password-protect your PS5 user accounts if you recently purchased a PS5 so that no one else may access your games or make illicit PS Store purchases.