How to Turn Off ‘Your SIM Played a Tone’ Message on iPhone 6s

Going bonkers while the Your iPhone 6s (or iPhone 6s Plus, SE, or 5S) received a tone message from your SIM? So, please accept our condolences since even we have been the recipients of these messages. For those who are unaware, these are flash messages that take up your iPhone’s screen and are most likely from your network. When you accept the message, you either receive spam or a promotional message. If chance is on your side, these messages will also frequently appear every few minutes or hours.

These warnings not only annoy but also hinder a device’s functionality. We have noticed a significant number of hang-ups ever since these notifications first began to arrive on our iPhone 6s. Keep your composure and learn how to switch off. On your iPhone 6s, your SIM played the following tone message:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and scroll down to Find Phone.

2. Select FLASH! under SIM Applications in the Phone Settings.

Check out other alternatives that are similar on the SIM Applications page since not all cell operators offer this option under the same FLASH! moniker.

3.Click on Activation here, then select Deactivate from the menu that appears.

4.A flash message will then ask you to confirm.

FLASH! OFF. Choose Accept and exhale with relief.

Once you’re finished, you shouldn’t get any more flash messages. You are cursed if you continue to get flash messages, though. Jokes aside, you will then need to contact your operator’s customer care department to request that SIM flash messages be turned off.

Get rid of flash messages before they get on the nerve!

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