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Rectify 11 (Redesigned Windows 11) is an even better operating system than Windows 11, which is a fantastic operating system in and of itself. But just like Windows 10, Windows 11 too has unpleasant updating problems. While installing an update, Windows 11 will occasionally display an Undoing changes made to your computer issue. And no matter how many times you try to download something new, the update simply won’t install. This guide’s list of 10 solutions to the Windows 11 Undoing changes made to your computer error will assist you in getting out of this sticky situation. We have the ideal solution if you are stuck at this screen or experiencing 0x800f0922 or 0x800f0988 errors on your Windows 11 PC. So let’s get started right away.

Block or Unblock Someone on (2022)

This tutorial has 10 different solutions to the Windows 11 error “Undoing changes made to your computer.” The methods listed below will assist you in fixing the issue if you are unable to apply a new update or are stuck on the update screen. The table below can be expanded so you can navigate to any section.

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If your Windows 11 machine has been experiencing the Undoing modifications done to your computer problem for several hours, don’t worry. From the recovery menu, you can resolve the problem. What you must do is as follows:

1. I initially advise you to wait a few hours if your computer is stuck at the Undoing modifications done to your computer issue. Press and hold the power key while turning off your computer if no progress has been made even after two to three hours.

2. Next, hit F8 while simultaneously pressing the power key once. The Recovery screen will load. Try concurrently hitting Shift and F8 if that does not work. Other computers may display the Recovery menu when the Esc or F11 key is pressed.

How to Block Someone on Snapchat

3. Click Troubleshoot while you are on the Recovery screen.

4. Next, select Startup Repair under Advanced Options. Your Windows 11 computer is now restarting and being diagnosed. Your computer should now successfully boot up.

5. On the Recovery screen, choose Uninstall Updatesunder Advanced options if the previous step didn’t succeed.

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7. Next, select Uninstall most recent quality update. There it is. Restarting your Windows 11 computer now should fix the Undoing changes done to your machine problem.

You can solve the problem with a straightforward service modification if you keep getting the Undoing Changes Made to Your Computer issue, followed by either the 0x800f0922 or 0x800f0988 error. The steps are listed below.

1. After logging into your computer, press Windows + R on the keyboard to launch Services.msc in Windows 11. The Windows Services window will then appear after pressing Enter.

2. Locate and open “App Readiness” here. Now start the service by switching the Startup type to Automatic. In the end, press OK.

3. Update your computer to Windows 11 right away. Undoing changes done to your computer or 0x800f0922 errors shouldn’t appear any longer.

4. Try running the command in the next step if you are particularly receiving the 0x800f0988 problem. Forcmd can be found by pressing the Windows key once. In the right pane, select Run as Administrator.

5. After that, run the command below. WinSxS folder cleanup will be performed. When it’s finished, update your Windows 11 computer, and everything should function normally this time.

Try these useful Command Prompt commands if your Windows 11 computer is still not updating to the most recent build and displaying the Undoing changes done to your computer problem.

Block or Unblock Someone on

1. To find cmd, press the Windows key once. Click Run as Administrator after that.