How to Update Mi Box to Android Nougat

The Mi Box was anticipated to debut with Android Nougat when Xiaomi first announced it. Although that didn’t occur, it was anticipated that the Android TV box would soon have an OTA upgrade available. Finally, some customers have started to receive beta updates for Nougat on their Android TVs. Therefore, don’t worry if you haven’t heard anything about Android Nougat for your Mi Box. I’ll explain how to sideload the file and update the Mi Box to Android Nougat in this article:

Install Nougat on Mi Box

Thankfully, the update package bringing Android Nougat to the Mi Box can be downloaded for free. Download the file from here, then copy it to a USB flash drive before you can update your Mi Box. Following that, you can proceed to updating your Mi Box by doing so. Simply adhere to the directions below:

  • First, turn the Mi Box on, and plug in the USB drive. Once the Mi Box detects the drive has having been plugged in, disconnect the Mi Box from power.
  • Next, on the Mi Box Remote, press and hold the Back , and Ok buttons, and then connect the Mi Box to power.
  • The Mi Box will boot into recovery mode. In the menu, use the remote to select the option that says Apply Update from EXT .
  • Then, select Update from udisk .
  • You will be able to see all the files inside the USB thumb drive, just select
  • Mi Box will then start installing the update.
  • Once the update has been installed, just select Reboot system now .

Changes in Android Nougat

Android Nougat will be installed on your Mi Box when it first turns on. There might be some glitches and problems because this is not the stable release. There haven’t been any reports of any significant damages, though. Even yet, hardly many modifications have been made in this Android Nougat beta build for the Mi Box. A few of the modifications you’ll notice are as follows:

  • The Settings Page has been revamped, and now follows the style that Android Nougat brought to mobile devices. However, it doesn t make good use of the screen real estate on a large screen TV, which is weird. Maybe they ll fix it in the upcoming builds.
  • Users now have the option to customize HDMI-CEC settings from the Settings page.
  • Live Channels also get Picture-in-Picture mode with the new update.

Things Not Working in Android Nougat TV Beta:

  • HDR is not working in Netflix.
  • Automatic refresh rate switching doesn t work, either.

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Easily Update your Mi Box to Android Nougat

You probably don’t want to wait for the update to be installed on your Mi Box if, like me, you simply cannot wait to get your hands on the newest updates. You can easily instal the Android Nougat beta build on your Mi Box using these instructions, and then start discovering all the brand-new features of the (as of yet) unreleased Android Nougat for Xiaomi Mi Box. Make sure you know what you’re doing before you start installing beta builds on your Mi Box because there are a lot of new things to discover but there are also some bugs.

So, have you installed Android Nougat on your Mi Box yet? Are you planning to sideload the update file or are you going to wait for Android Nougat to be officially released? In the comments box below, please share your opinions on the latest Android Nougat beta update for the Mi Box.