How to Use a Minecraft Treasure Map

Finding unusual loot is one of the most crucial skills for surviving in this sandbox game because of the vast Minecraft 1.18worlds and their variety of monsters. The hidden treasure is one of the rarest of all of these loots. Similar to pirate tales, you can only find this in Minecraft’s underground areas if you know how to use a map of hidden wealth. That will be our topic for today. Our article will teach you all you need to know about the buried treasure map in Minecraft, including how to use it and get the most out of it. Making a Minecraft boat is a must for this expedition, so get started!

Using a Minecraft Treasure Map: Detailed Guide (2022)

To assist you in finding hidden wealth in Minecraft, we already have a comprehensive tutorial on our website. This manual can help you explore the treasure quest more thoroughly. But if you’re only interested in treasure maps, stay reading!

How Does a Minecraft Treasure Map Work?

A Minecraft treasure map indicates the following things, just like other in-game maps:

  • Player s current location
  • Buried treasure s location
  • Biomes around the treasure

Therefore, getting to the hidden treasure will be simple if you know how to read the map’s indicators.

The map features real-world directions and is functioning. North and South are located at the top and bottom, respectively. West is on the left side of the map, and east is on the right. Then, as shown in the GIF above, there is a white circular mark in the bottom left that shows where you are in relation to that mark. The buried treasure in your Minecraft world is located in anX that has been marked with a red cross.

Understand Your Location on the Map

You must be aware of your location in relation to the map in order to utilise one, whether in the real world or in Minecraft. You should be aware of your direction more than anything else. If you are using the Java edition, you can launch an information panel by using the F3 key on your keyboard. From the left side panel in this picture, you can determine which way you are facing.

There is no option to bring up an information panel on the Bedrock edition. Until the player icon in the Minecraft treasure map moves and faces the treasure, you can attempt moving in random directions. As an alternative, you can also choose your direction based on the sunrise and sunset. Even in the world of Minecraft, the sun rises in the East and sets in the West.

Understand Treasure s Location on the Map

As you already know, a red cross designates the location of the treasure on your map (X). You are also aware that the four sides of the map represent the directions in the real world. Therefore, all that is left to do is determine where the X mark is located geographically in relation to your current location.

The X symbol on the map of buried wealth in the aforementioned screenshot is positioned to the north-east of where I am right now in my Minecraft world. Therefore, I must move towards the north and east directions.

Travel to Treasure Location on Map in Minecraft

Now that we are familiar with the fundamentals, it’s time to use the map to go to the X point and uncover the hidden treasure. To find the location using a Minecraft treasure map, simply follow these steps:

1. You must initially walk in one of the two ways since there are two possible routes to the hidden treasure (in this instance). The map will soon begin displaying the biomes nearby if you go in the appropriate direction. To see an example of how it functions, look at the screenshot below.

2. Next, travel in the opposite direction after you are parallel to the X mark on one side. The white circular pointer (your position) should now be advancing toward the X and uncovering the remaining biomes on the map, if the conditions are suitable. Continue until the X mark is directly over the player indicator.

3. At this point, you should descend and start digging on top of and around the X. The treasure is typically submerged or buried beneath the sand. But on rare occasions, you can stumble upon it on a hillside or even beneath the surface of the sea. Once you’ve located the treasure, you can easily loot the chest and gather rare loot items.

Find and Use Buried Treasure Map in Minecraft

You are now prepared to become the next pirate in Minecraft and use all of the treasure maps. And if you truly enjoy discovering secrets, the new Deep Dark biome that will be included in Minecraft 1.19 is sure to impress you. Use one of the greatest Minecraft skins to dress the part, though. Having said that, feel free to get in touch in the comments section if your boat has any difficulties while you are searching for the hidden gold. You will be assisted on this exploration voyage by a member of our staff.