How to Use Beme App to Share Video Experiences Instantly

According to YouTube sensation Casey Neistat, who is also the co-founder of the firm that created the app, the well-known social app Beme generated a lot of buzz when it was released on iOS as a test app. The app has recently gotten a significant update, marking both the launch of the Android version and its first stable release (out of beta). You may now use the quick video sharing app on Android if you’ve always wanted to. We are here to assist you because the app can be a little complicated. But first, let us explain what Beme does in more detail before we tell you how to use it. Shall we get started, then?

What does Beme app do?

Beme is a social app that, as we previously noted, enables you to share instant video experiences with your friends. You can use the app to capture movies with a gesture so that you can concentrate more on the experience than the video itself. The live video recording is not even available for your viewing. Also, there are no filters or previews; once a video is captured, it immediately goes online. In essence, the software allows users to present the world from their perspective.

Similar to Instagram, Beme’s homepage displays video content from your followers. The React button allows you to instantly record a video in response to a friend’s video. So, now that we have established what Beme does, let s dig into how you may use it.

Set up your Beme acccount

  • Sign up for a Beme account

The Beme app will ask you to log in or create an account when you first launch it. An introduction video starring Casey Neistat will play once you click “sign up,” but you can choose to skip it. The software will then request the different permissions it need. A tutorial video will play after you have chosen Enable and granted the permission prompts. You will next need to register by providing your email address, choosing a username, and entering a password.

  • Add friends using Beme

In order for friends who have your phone number to be able to find you on Beme, the app will also ask for your phone number. When it’s finished, you can add people from your phonebook, Twitter, and Facebook friends list. You should then be shown the app’s home page once you see a welcome screen.

How to use Beme?

Though there are a few significant distinctions, you would be correct to assume that Beme and Snapchat are extremely similar. Beme allows you to watch a video clip as many times as you like, but its best feature is unquestionably the ability to record videos using your phone’s proximity sensor.

  • How to capture video in Beme?

All you have to do to begin recording video in Beme is locate your smartphone’s proximity sensor (In case you are unaware, the proximity sensor is located above the display on almost all smartphones). Even better, you can use your iPhone as an action camera by placing it on your forehead or chest.

Using the floating + button in the app is another option to take a video. You can choose to use the selfie camera or the rear camera by pressing the button. Simply hold one of the options to begin recording, and release it to stop recording.

After you record a video, it is immediately uploaded to Beme, but if you don’t like it, you may click the three dots next to it and choose Undo last clip.

  • Search for people and change Settings

The buttons for Your Profile, Response Notifications, and Username Search are located at the top of the app’s user interface. You can change your profile photo in Your Profile, add a status like on WhatsApp, and read information about your followers, viewers, and individuals you follow.

On the Profile screen, there is a button that opens the app’s Settings. A few privacy and notification choices, opportunities to update your phone number, email, etc., contact support, and a link to buy Beme products are all included on the Settings page. You can search for persons by username using the search icon.

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Use Beme to share your world with others

When Beme first debuted on iOS last year, it was a novel concept, and it is still a really intriguing app. Even though the UI of the app still has some issues, the user-friendly interface makes up for them. The app should continue to expand rapidly in the years to come. What are you still holding out for? Download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple’s iTunes store and share your thoughts with us.