How to Use Dell Mobile Connect on Any Windows 10 PC

Dell created its own solution called Dell Mobile Connect, which can only be used on Dell PCs, in contrast to Microsoft, which has made the Your Phone app available on Windows 10 for all PCs. In addition to including some additional capabilities like screen mirroring, notification reply, calling, texting, and more, it contains all the functions of the Your Phone app. If you’re not aware, the Your Phone app also supports screen mirroring, however it’s presently limited to Samsung phones. Therefore, you can sideload the programme and use Dell Mobile Connect on your Windows 10 PC if you want all those functions.

Use Dell Mobile Connect on Any Windows 10 PC (2021)

1. To begin with, click here to get the BAT file. The BAT file’s purpose is to switch your PC’s model and manufacturer to Dell.

2. Next, perform a right-click on the BAT file and select “Run as Administrator.” Then restart your computer.

3. After that, download the Dell Mobile Connect driver and instal it on your computer.

4. Once you’ve finished, download the Dell Mobile Connect AppxBundle from this link. Because Microsoft Store forbids the installation of the Dell Mobile Connect app on non-Dell devices, we will be sideloading this application (even after changing the model).

5. You can now instal Dell Mobile Connect on your Windows 10 PC by simply double-clicking the AppxBundle.

6. To launch the Run window if Dell Mobile Connect is not installing, simultaneously press Windows and R on the keyboard. Enter the command “wsreset.exe” here.

7. The Microsoft Store will launch automatically after a little delay. Close it now, then launch the AppxBundle once more. This time, installing Dell Mobile Connect ought to go well.

8. To pair your PC with the smartphone, run the Dell Mobile Connect app and follow the on-screen instructions.

9. To pair your smartphone, download the free Dell Mobile Connect software for Android or iOS.

10. Next, enter the code, and you’re done. Picking up calls, screen-mirroring, accessing messages, responding to notifications, transferring photographs, and many other things are all possible. Remember that you must always have WiFi and Bluetooth turned on.

Sideload Dell Mobile Connect Without Microsoft Store

This is how you can sideload Dell Mobile Connect and use it on any Windows 10 computer. According to reports, numerous customers have reported experiencing problems with the updated releases of Dell Mobile Connect (3.1 and 3.2). And for that reason, we have offered the 3.0 build, which runs without a hitch on my HP laptop. That’s all we have to say, though. Please let us know in the comment area below whether our strategy was successful for you. If you liked this article, be sure to read our article on Windows 10 tips and tricks.